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Larissa Soehn - Grow Your Speaking Business

Larissa Soehn

International Best Selling Author

Larissa Soehn

“I help female entrepreneurs write and market books so they can grow their businesses”

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About Larissa

Larissa Soehn is an international best-selling author and the CEO of Next Page Publishing. Larissa’s mission is to help entrepreneurs unleash their marketing potential. With the power of a book, Larissa helps amazing women grow their businesses, claim their authority and charge more for what they do best. As the mom to a beautiful little girl, her goal is to set an example for her daughter that they can both be proud of.


Topics: Growing your business with a book, Book Publishing, Book Marketing

Growing your business with a book

Growing your business can be challenging, especially if you are doing the same thing as everyone else. This is where your book comes in. Very few people and even fewer entrepreneurs are unleashing their full power. Writing a book is taking your power and amplifying it for the world to see. It is the spotlight on your credibility. It is the marketing superpower that your business is missing. It is the missing title at the end of your name that grabs the attention of everyone who reads it. Your business deserves the best and a book is the best part of you.

Book Publishing

The world of publishing has changed for the better. Gone are the days of gatekeepers that stop amazing authors from telling their stories. With self-publishing entering the playing field, aspiring authors have more choices than ever. Knowing what those choices are and what they mean can help authors thrive.

Book Marketing

In this day and age, it’s not enough to just write the book. You have to know how to market it. A book without readers is just words on paper. It will serve no one. Understanding the marketing world and how you fit into it will be the difference between success and failure for your book.



Thank you, Larissa, for your help in accomplishing my goal of achieving international best selling author status for my debut book! The plan was a bit of work but so much fun and I loved the straightforward marketing plan with the flexibility to be me and share myself and my journey. Thank you for making this process as simple as possible and for the encouragement and support! It is incredible to meet other authors and build community with them throughout the process and I am grateful for it!”
- Christy Holt, International Best Selling Author




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