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 LaShawn Fairley - Grow Your Speaking Business

 LaShawn Fairley

ADHD Cutie on Single
Mom-preneurial Duty

LaShawn Fairley

“I  help ADHD women retrain their brainz so they can gain confidence and take back control of their lives.”

Travels From:Orlando, Florida and Virtual

LaShawn Fairley

About LaShawn Fairley

My name is LaShawn. I am a black, single, menopausal, ADHD mother, sharing a diagnosis with my young adult son. My son was diagnosed at a very early age, but I was only diagnosed a few years ago, in my 50’s, when I discovered that we share many similar symptoms; that is when I learned ADHD is highly hereditary. I got so tired of being judged, shamed, misunderstood, ridiculed, etc. simply because I couldn’t perform or keep up with the executive tasks of every day life [work, home, relationships] and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just “get it together”!

I was an adult with a child, so why couldn’t I just get it together and be the strong, single, black woman and mother that everyone expected me to be?

I got so tired of feeling like everything was always my fault…that I was somehow a “faulty version of normal”! Unfortunately, I didn’t know how or why I couldn’t get it together which resulted in alot of shame, blame and guilt for me…but no more…I am lifting my ADHD Black voice to help stomp out the stigma and shame of this highly, misunderstood diagnosis.


Topics: ADHD advocacy, ADHD parent coach, ADHD parent mentor, ADHD parent support

ADHD in the Workplace; do you know what it looks like?

1. Re-evaluate – think back to certain people on the job who you think may have ADHD; what made you think that about them?
2. Re-educate – learn all you can about what ADHD really is, what the symptoms actually look like, and what it is not
3. Re-define – retrain your brain by learning strategies to help strengthen you Executive Function Skills