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Mark MacInerney - Grow Your Speaking Business

Mark MacInerney

Motivational Speaker, Modern Day Alchemist

Mark MacInerney

“I help people recognize opportunities so they can manifest exactly what they are seeking in all of Life’s situations.”

Travels From: Houston, TX and Virtual.

Mark MacInerney

About Mark MacInerney

From stock broker, to hip-hop rapper, to mortgage broker, husband and father – Mark has seen it all. Coupled with a mutli-cultural background (Irish & Chilean) – And being 1st generation American, the stories and lessons that Mark shares from his own Life experiences are delivered in a point of view that would make any audience entertained and awed by the perspective of how opportunities have been presented to Mark, and how Mark has been able to manifest the good out of everything that Life has ever thrown in front of him.

This is where Mark teaches others on how to become a Modern Day Alchemist. In ancient science, the alchemist was an expert at material transformation; most famously, turning base metal into gold. But at a deeper level, the alchemist is a practitioner capable of mystical transformation at the highest levels of order.

As alchemists in our own lives, we liberate energy and effect change. We can turn challenges and problems into solutions; transforming base elements into enlightened experience. There’s an alchemist in each of us.
Enter this field of unlimited potential and transmute your old existence … into new life.


Topics: Motivational, Marketing, Self Improvement

Finding The Gold - Las Vegas 2022

45 minute presentation on how to recognize opportunities and how to map the path from any opportunity and turning them into gold.

Houston Association of Realtors - Houston 2019

1hr presentation on how to market one’s self with integrity and authenticity; in a world and on a digital platform that truth is hard to find.



"Mark has a way of telling stories that are easy to relate to."
"Funny, smart, and incredibly motivational."




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