Marty Dickinson

Marty Dickinson

Denver, CO

The Action Requires Steps Guy


Business building, business growth, lead generation through speaking, non-fiction book writing without typing, mindset, goal setting.

I work with individuals who want to scale their businesses faster by discovering their true expert method and sharing it with the world so that red hot opportunities call THEM.

Marty Dickinson

Things I can’t live without: Family, skiing, fun

My favorite piece of advice:  Simply “taking action” isn’t enough anymore. You need to have absolute focus on the right steps and implement in the right sequence at the perfect time to build your business

Describe yourself in one word: Giving

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Replace Toastmasters with my new way for established speakers to practice and develop their speaking skills

Things I love: Sharing what I’ve learned without hiding the details, mentoring, watching clients develop, transition and succeed