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Meridith Alexander - Grow Your Speaking Business

Meridith Alexander

Keynote Speaker/ Epic Performance Expert

Meridith Alexander

“I help leaders and their teams facing change and unpredictability unleash a more epic version of themselves so that they can achieve more influence, impact and income in ways that previously might have seemed impossible

Travels From: Tampa, FL

Meridith Alexander

About Meridith Alexander

Meridith is a best-selling author, powerhouse mompreneur, optimal performance coach and top female motivational speaker who has become known for her uncanny ability to help leaders and their teams learn how to unleash the most epic version of themselves regardless of their circumstances. Her turbo charged GRIT formula inspires and challenges you to explore the boundaries of endless possibilities, positive expectations and deliberate creation.

With the near-death accident of her daughter and the challenges that were laid firmly at her feet, she learned that it’s these tiny individual seeds of Greatness that live waiting to be cultivated within our own minds. Then, as we master our own inner game and discover the real beauty within our own story, we become free to empower others and to go on to create a destiny that previously might have seemed “impossible”.


Topics:  Leadership, Resilience, GRIT, Optimal Performance, Transformation, Change/ Growth, Reinvention, Mindset, Inner Game, Overcoming Adversity

Redefining The Way Leaders Embrace Their Boulders

How can we consistently show up playing at our highest level regardless of the circumstances? How can we tap into new levels of potential within ourselves so that we can go on to achieve even more extraordinary levels of success?

Meridith Alexander provides a captivating, visionary experience for high-level leadership and team membersby combining her real-life story of living through the “impossible” with actionable strategies for uncovering the audience’s own visionary potential and for inspiring even more greatness, passion, and impact from their teams.

 This keynote redefines the way team members and leaders embrace their big boulders. Team members and leaders go from resisting change and unpredictability to seeing the massive potential within that change.

Audiences emerge understanding how the big boulders can actually amplify their ability to influence and impact change — enhancing their ability to create a positive, deliberate vision that helps team members begin to embrace their own value and purpose within a bigger mission.

 It is an experience of “coming even more alive” that results in showing up more boldly both at work and at home.

By combining her own incredible story with unique tools and strategies, Meridith Alexander inspires teams and leaders to consistently opt to play at their highest level, to tap into their most visionary self, and to thrive in the new quantum world ahead where the speed is fast, change is frequent and life is unpredictable — and where those big boulders often lead toward “impossibilities” that will become the next generation’s “new normal”. 

Key Learning Points


  • Understand the power of your biggest boulders to ignite your highest levels of success
  • Learn how to embrace disruption and unfamiliarity as your rocket fuel
  • Explore how visionary thinking creates unstoppable momentum
  • Discover actionable strategies to achieve even more forward momentum within your team regardless of the circumstances


How can we leaders emerge from times of challenge as even better versions of ourselves? How do we nurture and amplify the greatness, resilience and impact within our teams?

This keynote explores how learning to master 3 of the critical components of G.R.I.T. can transform your biggest obstacles into unforeseen opportunities even in the face of change and unpredictability.

Meridith’s innovative message inspires audiences to look at their own goals from a new perspective. Using innovative strategies and perspectives, she leaves audiences with tools to get out of their own way so that they can go forward united with even more passion, clarity and vision. Perhaps to go on to achieve results that might previously have seemed impossible.

In this inspirational and empowering program, Meridith shares the impact that a deliberately focused mindset has had on her own journey– a journey that began when a random boulder came plummeting down a mountain in South America, injuring her youngest daughter so severely that she was not expected to live.

Through the twists and turns of this inspiring story, the audience sees how Meridith’s unwavering vision and focus on the “I’m Possible” seemed to influence the results — even when the desired outcome was something that most believed to be impossible.

Combining her own experiences with case studies through the decades, Meridith helps her audiences learn new techniques for overcoming the limitations and conditioning that often lead to fear, self-doubt and “thinking small”.

The outcome of Meridith’s keynote will be an audience that feels a dramatically boosted sense of momentum and positivity with an eagerness to embrace the “I’m Possible” and create thriving new breakthroughs even in the presence of dramatic change, personal challenge and uncertainty.

Key Learning Points


Discover the keys to creating a mindset that thrives in the midst of change and unpredictability

  • Learn new techniques for setting powerful goals, tapping into overlooked possibilities and performing at your highest level
  • Pull back the curtain on the “blind spot thinking” that prevents most people from transforming the “impossible” into the “I’m Possible”
  • Understand how the hidden language of your inner narrative can be the catalyst for consistent success



"Meridith spoke at our sales meeting and did a fantastic job of combining her story with the challenges eac of us face professionally and personally. At some point in the room there was not a dry eye and her one hour presentation was over in the blink of an eye as she was captivating the entire time. I love when people tell a story to relay and relate content and hers is powerful and inspiring. Our group usually has a "sales speaker" but Meridith did it all with motivation, inspiration, practical tips and a challenge to walk away with. Her communication was incredible throughout the booking process. She responded quickly and her texts and calls were proactive. Every time I would reach out she was prompt with a response. She also showed up early which was appreciated. I would highly recommend Meridith and have received such positive feedback about Meridith from my team on her presentation, content and energy. She was a perfect fit and presenter for our group". - April Kalapp First American Title




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