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Misty Cook - Grow Your Speaking Business

Misty Cook

Consultant, Speaker, and Retired Marine

Misty Cook

“I help retired General Officers set up their consulting business faster so they can 3X their revenue and start enjoying the retirement lifestyle they have dreamed of.”

Travels From: Washington DC

Misty Cook

About Misty Cook

Misty Cook is the CEO of Concierge on Call, a consulting firm that specializes in helping retired General/Flag Officers and senior leaders step out of the military and into the board room prepared to make a prestigious first impression.

She accelerates the transition process and creates the opportunity for retirement revenue with opportunities that support their lifestyle aspirations. She leverages her years of administrative support, meeting planning expertise, and business connections to support leaders in acquiring speaking opportunities and securing board membership with top corporations around the nation.

A retired Marine Officer, she is an analytical and conceptual thinker who effectively partners with senior managers to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, and drive results. Misty has managed a broad array of projects for start-up organizations by creating new processes and procedures to planning and execution of numerous events for foreign dignitaries, state and federal representatives, and industry leadership both across the US and abroad.

Misty is a speaker at consulting firms and armed forces events and an expert in military protocol, event planning, and dining etiquette. She lives in Washington, DC.


Topics: Networking, Dining Etiquette, Hosting VIPs, Making an event Memorable

Dine like a Diplomat. 4 Course Dining Tutorial Experience:

This is a four course meal tutorial that addresses every aspect of fine dining. We discuss each course and allow for the guest to practice during the course. We address the important topics: hosting requirements and guests rules and also discuss the importance of why dining should be apart of every professionals tool kit.

Networking like a Boss

This addresses the myth that networking is complicated or the bigger misconception that networking means growing your followers. It takes work, consistence, and patience. Learn how to grow your network and what you can do to expand your network by 4X what it is today with a few easy steps.


"Misty is a smart and engaging leader. As a retired Marine and now CEO of her own firm, she is able to help leaders grow and engage in the business world, leveraging her extensive career in the Corps to help leaders excell. Misty was a featured speaker on our national speaker series and was well-received by all participants. I highly recommend Misty for leaders seeking to grow and take their careers/organizations to the next level." -Nathan Misirian



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