Crafting a speaker one sheet that sells you

Why a course on crafting a speaker one sheet that sells you?

We’ve developed this simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand mini-course that will have you ready to rock out your Speaker one sheet in no time at all!

one sheet

We’ve developed this simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand mini-course that will have you ready to Rock out your Speaker one sheet in no time at all!

Sometimes, too, we don’t have time to sit down to study for hours or to wait for the launches which only come a few times per year. Those programs are awesome and many can help you push your career forward. For those of you in a time-crunch with an immediate need to increase your know-how, Charli Jane Speakers is proud to announce “bite-sized” mini-courses.

Work at your own pace.

Work in your own space.

Work on the go.

Work in between other work.

Get it done and get booked!

These info-packed, essential golden-nugget oriented short courses are designed with your limited time in mind.

Learning in this format, you will get more done in less time with less money, less frustration, fewer other things piling up while you concentrate on growing your business-building knowledge.

9 mini-modules that pack a punch

Plus, the last module is a bonus, no work required!

Oh, Happy Day!

First off, please understand that your Speaker one sheet is not meant to be just “thrown together”

Sounds obvious right? You might be surprised at how many people don’t think this way.

That’s not the way it works in the real world where Pro Speakers are getting booked solid consistently.

It’s not all about throwing info together on 1 or 2 pieces of paper. Miss the important elements, and how they should be strategically placed, and you miss the boat!

If your sole purpose of a OneSheet is getting hired – what else is there? – then you need this mini-course.

If you want to just post something on your site so you can say, “Here’s my “one sheet” then this course is not for you.

Wondering what is takes to pull together an excellent one sheet for Professional Speakers?

The Crafting a speaker one sheet that sells you mini-course teaches you what are the very best attributes, ingredients, elements and aspects of a one sheet that will get you noticed and booked!

Sometimes you just need someone to TELL you how to do it, break it down, walk you through it, and list everything you need.

You need someone to show you how it should be displayed and how to connect.

With your one sheet, there are really only 2 goals

1) Entice the reader to go to your website to learn more and email you or

2) Pick up the phone to call you at the number listed on your one sheet.

Perhaps she might hang your one sheet on her bulletin board for future reference, but that’s not truly your goal. You either want her to visit your website to contact you, or call you, right away.

How do you create something that makes these actions happen? Wendi will show you how.

Be the purple cow in the field & draw on your individual talents, uniqueness & personality. You will have an amazing speaker one sheet that will shine above all others!

Why do you need a Speaker One Sheet?

It is the #1 marketing tool you need.

It is the most powerful tool you must have to help sell your speaking services. Yes, demo videos are essential, but many Speakers get themselves consistently booked with only their one sheet.

Don’t rely on a designer to know or to tell you what needs to go into your one sheet.

Unless the designer has the knowledge gained by working with Pro Speakers for years, you may be wasting time and money. Wendi McNeill, Owner of Charli Jane Speakers, has been working with Speakers, Authors and Coaches since 2002, specially niched in helping them develop their business presence and create strong platforms to increase their business revenue.

She can teach you what you need to know to never be disappointed by design-only results again.

Knowing what you need and having it all together, before your designer’s billable time even begins, is going to save you money on all those extra revisions you will require to get it just perfect.

Having a lack-luster one sheet is going to work against you rather than for you.

It’s important to get it right the first time. Little fixes and changes are nothing to be concerned about over time.

However, you should definitely be concerned about major missing elements of verbiage, imagery, testimonials, design elements and more.

Miss even one of these key pieces and your one sheet gets passed over by busy planners. “Next!”

You may see Speaker oneSheetss on the internet and like the design, the colors and the way they have it displayed.

Don’t be fooled.

Even the most beautiful, eye-catching One Sheets can be a total bomb if they don’t have all the necessary elements.

Your Speaker one sheet is your calling card, it’s your livelihood, and if done well, can fill your speaking schedule.

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Charli Jane Speakers Inner Circle

Ok, so we’ve convinced you that it’s time to learn how to Rock your own Speaker OneSheet.

Let’s take an inside peek at what’s in the Crafting a speaker one sheet that sells you!

Module 1

Breaking It All Down

Wendi will teach you how to break it all down in preparation for working with a designer a designer or if you’re a DIYer. This saves a huge amount of time and money. Learn the 3 W’s: What you need, Where you need it and Why you need it.

Module 2

Creating Your Title and Tagline

Get this right and you’re ahead of the crowd in a big way and well on your way to rockin’ it! Wendi will teach you how to attract the hiring party to you by your title and taglines. These are the first things noticed about your one sheet. There is a trick to this. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Module 3

Compiling Your Bio

Your bio needs to have the right elements, stated in such a way that doesn’t make the hiring party feel put-off. Wendi will teach you what to add, how much to add and where to add it – and very importantly, what to leave out.

Module 4

Connecting = Clients

Learning this step is crucial to your success! Learn it and you will be using this powerful marketing tool to book yourself solid. Your schedule will be booked with people you are meant to serve. Your one sheet needs to fully connect in a clear and concise way. It has to speak directly to your audience. Wendi shows you how.

Module 5

Tantalizing Topics

Get this right because it can make or break you! Wendi will teach you how to align with your message and display it properly on your one sheet. The format used is also important to keep readers engaged in your one sheet.

Module 6


Yep, we have to discuss images. It’s make it or break it time.

Many different ones can be used on a one sheet for different purposes. The images the viewer sees create a first impression you many times can never undo. This can be a great thing, or a career-stalling nightmare. Learn what to show, what not to show and the “extra” stuff you should show. Learn how & where the images should be displayed to make the most impact

Module 7

The Extras

Little, but mighty, details mean the world. These extra bits of spice you can add to your one sheet will make you stand out above the noise.

Wendi will teach you her simple, quick and very effective recipe.

Module 8


What mini-course on one sheets would be complete without the branding aspect?

It is one of the key elements of your one sheet. What parts of your brand do you share, where and when? In this module, Wendi will teach you exactly what and how much of your brand should follow you onto your one sheet.

Module 9


Awesome worksheets to help organize your thoughts and information for your one sheet. This will come in handy to give to your designer for a very smooth, and efficient, design process or to have on hand if you choose to do it yourself.

PLUS, Bonus Surprise!!

This section has a nice surprise for all you DIYers out there, and even one for the “not so creative” souls.

You will enjoy it and it will save a TON of time.

Audio Download

This course comes with a full course audio that you can download and listen to on the go!

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Questions? Please call us at 402-218-4426 or send an email to and we are happy to help. Happy crafting!