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Peter Warmka - Grow Your Speaking Business

Peter Warmka

Author and Keynote Speaker

Peter Warmka

“I help organizations and their employees protect themselves from human hackers.”

Travels From: Orlando, FL and Virtual

Peter Warmka

About Peter Warmka

Peter Warmka, CFE, CPP, is a former Senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA having over 20 years of experience in breaching the security of target organizations overseas in pursuit of foreign intelligence requirements.

His area of expertise, known as human hacking or social engineering, focused on the identification, assessment, and manipulation of key insiders to facilitate the breach.

Today, his passion and mission are assisting organizations and individuals in safeguarding their sensitive proprietary and personal data from human hacking attempts.

At the core of Peter’s approach to cybersecurity risk management is focusing on how to prevent external threat actors from manipulating employees into becoming insider threats. He is the author of best selling non-fiction book, “Confessions of a CIA Spy – The Art of Human Hacking.”


Topics: Risk Management, Cyber Security, Identity Theft, Social Media


Most successful data breaches are initiated by human hacking. Threat actors carefully select, assess, and manipulate key employees within a target organization who in turn become the “insider threat.” Advanced social engineering techniques are employed to effectively circumvent the policies, procedures and technological controls put in place to safeguard proprietary information, client data and sensitive personnel records.

For over 20 years of his career with the Central Intelligence Agency, Peter developed expertise in the identification, assessment, and manipulation of insiders to breach the security of target organizations in pursuit of high value foreign intelligence. He now shares his insight to help protect organizations and employees against external threats.


The prospect of their organization suffering a devastating data breach is becoming a growing concern among C-Suite executives worldwide. Such breaches are conducted by a variety of threat actors who design and execute increasingly more sophisticated attacks to steal information (proprietary, client data, customer records) or to conduct financial extortion in the form of ransomware or business email compromise (BEC). Such attacks can lead to a significant loss in operations and even force the enterprise out of business. C-Suite executives can no longer view security, whether physical or cyber, as a cost accounting item, but rather, an investment in people, processes and technologies.

In this session, Peter will leverage his expertise as a former intelligence officer, to help attendees understand the mindset of threat actors and the methodologies they use to turn employees into insider threats. He will then provide tips on how the C-Suite can lead and foster a successful transformation of the organization’s security awareness culture at all levels. The ultimate goal is to harden the security of enterprise forcing threat actors to move onto softer targets.


In this era of big data expansion, many people reluctantly relinquish control over their privacy allowing their identity to be transformed into a marketable binary code. While their personal information may be used to enhance a company’s efficiency in marketing products and services, it can also be exploited by criminals and other threat actors for identity theft leading to devastating consequences for its victims. In 2021 alone, over 1.5 million Americans suffered identity theft resulting in 52 billion dollars in reported loses. Can you afford to become part of that statistic?

Few people realize that there are many ways they can effectively take back control over their privacy by incorporating specific settings on a variety of online applications in addition to exercising care in what they post on their social media platforms.
Leveraging his expertise as a former CIA intelligence officer and private investigator, Peter will clearly illustrate the evolution of victims who had to react to identity theft instead of proactively incorporating best practices which would have prevented them from ever happening in the first place.



"Peter’s presentation was just what the attendees needed after a long first day of presentations. Timely, entertaining, and attention-getting, he kept the audience’s attention with a combination of eye-opening information, humor, and some unwitting participation in the form of a LinkedIn invitation sent out to the group. Peter’s presentation material was high quality while not distracting from the speaker. The presentation content sparked questions from a variety of directions. The suggestion to have Peter out as our Friday keynote was spot-on, very enjoyable and I’d recommend him to any format of conference." - G.M., VICE PRESIDENT, FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTAL FLEET ADMINISTRATORS (FLAGFA)