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Profile Ari Gunzburg - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Ari Gunzburg

Ari Gunzburg

Keynote Speaker & Wilderness Liaison

Travels from: Cleveland, Ohio

Topics: Nature/Wilderness, Youth, Motivational Speaker

I get vulnerable. I share raw stories from my past, working with my audience to enter a state of flow. Then I build my audience up to give each person the power and courage to take charge of their life.


Do you want a speaker? Or do you want an EXPERIENCE?

Ari Gunzburg experienced trauma at only 10 years old, when a beloved teacher passed away while hiking on a field trip. Only a few years later Ari entered into a specialized “PhD” program from the school of hard knocks. Over a number of years, many bad choices were made, all while figuring out the answer to life, the universe, and everything (got a towel?).

Ari spent almost 10 years working in restaurants, trying to break out of the low-income place he found himself in. In 2007, Ari managed to launch a small graphics/marketing/websites firm, which he ran for the next 10 years. Now happily married with 4 children at home, Ari has applied a SHIFT to his thinking and to his life, to follow his dreams and pursue his passions.

Ari is now a motivational speaker, a podcast host, and a wilderness liaison. As a keynote speaker, Ari Gunzburg creates an EXPERIENCE for the audience, interweaving personal stories and anecdotes with data to help build everyone up.

“Let’s work together to create the EXPERIENCE you want your group to have. Let’s use my materials and your goals to develop the perfect speech that will fall in line with your theme and your desires. And if my materials are not the right fit, I’ll help you find someone who is the right speaker for the gig.” -Ari


Live Now – a story-based keynote speech about being present and living in the moment, learning from death just how precious life is. This speech includes the story of the death of Ari’s teacher while hiking in the woods.

It’s Raining – And We’re Still Going Outside? – nature, the wilderness, and the benefits of going outside; gain peace, clarity, stress relief, enjoyment, interpersonal connections and more by getting back into nature. Especially applicable in today’s digital age.

Just One More Step – learn resilience and how to continue in the face of adversity. Be inspired from true stories about kids with cancer, difficulties faced in life, and the 180 mile benefit bike ride that Ari has completed 6 times – it benefits those same kids with cancer.

Thrive! Wilderness – workshop or guided hike in nature setting to help bring people back to center, back to the basics, back to themselves, with a goal of attendees practicing more gratitude, developing stronger interpersonal relationships, and developing healthier self-talk.

SLAM! – speech focused on making better decisions and being more careful with what you do and when. Inspiring story-based presentation includes stories from Ari’s past, from a first-hand perspective. Best for youths but can be modified for other audiences.

Alas! They Are No More – roll call of all of Ari’s friends and classmates who are no longer here due to death by drug overdose. Delves into Ari’s experiences with drug usage and the highly addictive nature of the worst drugs out there. Gives perspective to students, youths, and communities to create the FACT of, “even trying it may be a death sentence.”


“Ari changes lives… as an outstanding motivational speaker! He inspires audiences to take action…and make a difference in this world. That is the gift of attending a presentation by Ari.”
-Lisa Newburger, LISW-S, CEO of Discuss Directives, LLC

“He speaks with poise and confidence. Would definitely recommend.”
-Ross Filo, Capital Analyst, Nestlé

“Ari was a very engaging speaker. The audience related to him instantly.”
-Eduardo Mandujano

“Ari’s speech was heartfelt and touches on the fears and anxiety I have felt. Really hit well upon our common struggle.”
-Ken McCartney

“1st of all he is an amazing speaker. Also he was such a pleasure to work with.”
-Joseph Montesano, Fedora Films



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