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Berta Medina

Travels from: Miramar, FL

Keynote Speaker, Author, Adventure Coach


Generosity-based Networking; Accountability (On-Steroids); Customer Service; Facing Fear; Thriving through Generosity

Playing with my granddaughter; My family; Adventure; Playing outside; Speaking

Berta Medina

Fun Facts About Berta

Things I can’t live without: My Family, My Friends, My Starbucks

My favorite piece of advice: No life worth living can be lived within the confines of a comfort zone. You’re a giver and that’s great but you can’t pour from an empty cup – learn to receive.

Describe yourself in one word: Optimist

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Jumping out of a plane in a squirrel suit

Things I love: Playing with my granddaughter; My family; Adventure; Playing outside; Speaking

Berta Medina is a rare breed of speaker and coach – by infusing “classic” coaching with a healthy dose of discovery and adventure with her specialized trademark of “comfort zone coaching”, she’s revolutionized the path to growth and change for individuals and team members of great organizations at the forefront of making a positive impact on this world.

After years of building, operating and growing her own successful business, she’s taken her experience and love for philanthropy to travel to Africa on a harrowing climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro’s peak as part of a mission trip to change the world for Maasai children.

The mission trip was everything she dreamed it would be and more – it transformed her perspective and offered equal doses of service, adventure, and fulfillment.

And now that’s what Berta offers – the perspective shift in the way people view themselves; in the focus they place on how they are living their lives to ensure they are living in alignment with true enthusiasm; reigniting a passion for discovering the power of giving and using their full potential. With years of business savvy, an adventurous streak, and focus on giving, Berta has developed itineraries that interact with every level of the personal and professional environment.

Berta is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a certified Go-Giver Speaker, author and creator of the YOUniversal Success Program and founder/director of the Dreamers Succeed Series of keynotes, workshops, seminars and retreats which help audiences realize their goals, find new paths to fulfillment, and motivate those who need a little push to change their view of life for the better. She has authored several books ‘Lessons From the Roof of Africa’, ‘Khloe Climbs for Sipi’, ‘The Why Is the Way’ and it’s companion workbook ‘The Why Workbook’.

Berta lives in Miramar, Florida with her husband Jorge, has two children, Jacelyne (31) and Jorge Jr. (29) and a feisty adventurous 8-year-old granddaughter, Khloe Belle.

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Becoming Competition Proof
The new business climate is more competitive than ever. In a world of drop-shipping, cutthroat competition, and dime-a-dozen competitors, the one thing that makes a difference is that old adage: “People work with people they know, like, trust and have a generous spirit.”

Customer service is the crucial bridge between you and your competitors in the bidding war for prospect attention. By developing an outstanding and unique generosity-focused service culture, you will have access to an imitable process for acquiring prospects, keeping loyal customers, and creating ambassadors for your brand that will spread sought after word-of-mouth legitimacy for your

In Becoming Competition Proof, Berta Medina redefines the rules of customer service. Her value matrix is based in customer-centric factors, ones that defy discounts and other easy tactics the competition uses to take your clientele.

Learn how to over-deliver in value so that your brand stands out among the competition, even long after a purchase or service.

Discover the external-focus that companies use to cement themselves as industry leaders.

Increase your bottom line by out performing your competition without resorting to price-slashing and devaluing your company’s worth.

Leverage your value matrix to create word-of-mouth ambassadors for your company.

Create a friendly and likeable brand with an image focused on impact — not dollars.

Uncover the secret to creating an organization full of team players who love the impact they’re making — rather than just “liking” their jobs

What’s Your GPA? Achieving Your Goals through Dynamic Accountability

When it comes to climbing mountains, heading up to the summit without the right tools could spell disaster. So why should we treat our own monumental life goals any different? After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Berta Medina spotted an invaluable parallel. if we’re so keen on bringing along the tools and skills necessary to take on physical challenges, we should be just as prepared for our goals with mental tools we need to surmount our greatest challenges.

In What’s Your GPA, audiences will build a robust mental toolset to help them achieve their biggest goals, no matter the difficulty. By sharing clever analogies between her kit of mountain-climbing essentials and our inner world, Berta teaches us a simple way to visualize the things we need to find success. Berta’s toolkit is a simple and profound look at the things we need to get the things we want — tools everyone should have at the ready to achieve their dreams.

In What’s Your GPA? audiences will learn:

• A memorable visual system that prepares them to achieve their grand vision.
• A simple three-word guide that will keep them going, even when the going gets tough.
• How to inspire themselves through taking action and rewriting their own story.
The crucial introspective skill that helps us self-moderate and keep in line with what we truly want.

Naked and Unafraid

In “Naked and Unafraid,” audiences will learn about what it means to face their fears. They will discover how their biggest worries can become their greatest allies. By
being vulnerable, we expose ourselves to the truth. By exploring the truth, we can find viable paths to overcoming our vulnerabilities. When we flip our fears on their head, we can overcome limiting beliefs and doubts
that keep us from achieving more.

Audiences will learn to identify these fears and where they came from — whether from themselves or others.They will learn a powerful, always-accessible tool to overcoming their fears on a daily basis, one step at a time. This exercise of emotional fortitude turns fears into fuel and motivation to bring them to new heights of personal success. To create an attitude of resilience and lasting emotional strength, we must first become vulnerable. This isn’t the advice most people want to hear. We want the easy answer — a way to walk around the fire instead of through it. But when we are honest about what scares us and why, we find a deep well of power in our authenticity.

In “Naked and Unafraid,” guests will:
Learn fail-proof methods to face and conquer their fears and limiting beliefs.

Fast-track their achievements through building a resilient attitude.

Implement confidence-boosting tools and techniques to help safe-moderate and stay attuned to their values.

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