Profile Bill Wagner

Billl Wagner

Travels From: Los Angeles, California

Certified EOS Implementer and CSP


Leadership, Management Coaching, Communication, Teamwork, Executive Planning, Succession Planning,, Strategic Offsite, Behavioral Assessments, Hiring

I help leadership teams define the vision for their company, gain traction, and maintain a healthy organization so they can spend more time working ON their business instead of IN their business.

Bill Wagner

Things I can’t live without: Ice Cream (specifically the Graham Central flavor from Handel’s), Family, and a wonderful glass of Cabernet.

My favorite piece of advice:  Vision without Traction is merely hallucination.

Describe yourself in one word: Dedicated

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? To write my second book.

Things I love: My wife; Zara, traveling, a good book, a strategic planning session with a client, and making a lasting impact.