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Bonny Llyn

Travels from: San Jose, California

Keynote Speaker on Mental Health @ Workplace - Profit Proof Your Business by Health Proofing Your Employees


Diversity and Inclusion, Productivity, Recruitment, Workplace Wellness.

I  help companies increase employees productivity by creating a mental healthy workplace.

Bonny Llyn

Fun Facts About Bonny

Things I can’t live without: My Tuxedo Cat, My Computer, Organic Essential Oils

My favorite piece of advice: Do What You Can, with What You Have, Where You Are. – Theodore Roosevelt

Describe yourself in one word: Authenticity

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Grow an Herbal Garden

Things I love: Clean Air, Kaleidoscope, Hyacinth, Sketch Book-n-Color-Pens

Bonny is a captivating and compelling speaker.

Her Infectious passion for life are palpable as she lights up the audiences.

Experiencing Bonny speak gives you the opportunity to find the answers for your own work and health transformation and creating your own mastery and success.

Through her own trials and hardships, Bonny has found and developed a variety of ways to overcome many of life’s challenges. Having suffered from debilitating depression that left her under the covers for weeks and months, Bonny was desperate to find ways to come alive and be successful.

Bonny wants to share her secrets of how she found keys to mastering how to be effective in life and at work despite having depression!


From Depression to Radiance – Curiosity Saved the Cat.

After a decade of being a serial entrepreneur, I finally stepped into a career success taking me to work in exciting cities in the world.

While at the height of my career, I also experienced the worst depression. My healing journey started with a single wish to find the silver bullet to cure my depression and morphed into multiple surprising discoveries.

Not only have I been effectively managing my depression and continuing my business achievements, I’ve also built a treasure trove of tools and the greatest Ah-Ha for business success that I now share with organizations that hire me to present the inspirational keynote.

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Phone: 415-710-4524