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International Speaker | Executive Director | Global Wellness Leader

Travels From: Denver, CO

Topics: 1. Financial Wellness (education, behavior change, wellness) 2. Wide Awake... The Art & Science of Top Performance 3. Servant Selling... A Proven System for Top Performing Professionals

Things I can't live without: My faith, my family and the Caribbean!

My favorite piece of advice: There will always be people who are naturally bigger, faster and stronger than you are. What you can't allow is for anyone to out hustle, out serve or be more committed to their values than you. My dad, circa 1982ish

Describe yourself in one word: Improving

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Meet George Strait

Things I love: Being with my family, St. John USVI, Sailing, Baseball, Singer/Songwriters

I help people align their values with the behaviors so they can create their financial dreams.

Brent Hines
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Brent Hines, CFWE, CFWC is the Founder and Executive Director of the educational non-profit, Foundation for Financial Wellness. 

Brent Hines, CFWE, CFWC is the Founder and Executive Director of the educational non-profit, Foundation for Financial Wellness. The Foundation’s mission is to improve people’s lives by empowering them with the knowledge and the motivation to take control of their financial lives. The Foundation’s curriculum is rooted in the principles of Behavioral Finance which makes every class topic taught by the Foundation unique, innovative and extremely valuable.

As a speaker, Brent shows how poor financial wellness will negatively impact their employee productivity and cause financial problems for the company as a whole. He provides the tools to help their employees experience financial well-being. This in turn, boosts morale and productivity, thereby improving overall business performance. Brent is a natural born speaker who engages audiences with an uncommon combination of professionalism, expertise, and humor. He is a master communicator which enables audiences to be drawn in quickly and makes application a meaningful and natural outcome. Brent’s presentation will provide the perfect mix of thought leadership, knowledge, keys for impactful change and enjoyable entertainment. Brent received the first and only Perfect Score ever earned by a presenter at a recent conference.

In his free time, Brent enjoys the Colorado outdoors or sailing in the Caribbean with his family and friends. Financial distress is real, it’s chronic, and business leaders are feeling the direct impact of their employees being stressed, distracted and under-performing because of it.

70% of US Workers report that personal finances are their #1 stress in life. They worry about money more than they do their physical health. How sad, how unnecessary, how about we do something about it! People don’t need expensive financial advisors, CPA's or attorneys speaking down to them while using industry jargon. They need a trusted advocate, a coach, a safe place to ask questions without being charged a fee or sold a financial product.

Financial Wellness


Servant Selling


The Case for Financial Wellness How can the changing workforce provide greater value to the employee, as well as, their employer? How can we, as HR Professionals, make a lasting difference in the lives of our employees? What can we do that will reap big rewards without costing a bundle? These are challenges HR Professionals like you face daily. Join us as we take a close look at financial wellness—the consequences when it’s lacking and the opportunity for positively impacting organizations at every level.  

The impact of financial stress is great and oftentimes seeps into one’s physical, emotional, relational, and professional well-being. Financial distress is real, it’s chronic and business leaders are feeling the direct impact of their employees under-performing due to financial stress and distraction. 70% of US Workers report that money is the top source of their stress. They worry more about finances than they do about their physical health.  

What happens when an organization has a number of employees who are stressed and distracted? Deadlines are missed, projects are delayed, quotas are not reached, and morale suffers. Addressing financial wellness in the workplace will help improve workplace productivity and morale, which will generate positive results for the company.  

Together we can provide real world solutions for what people care about the most. The curriculum provided by the non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation for Financial Wellness is rooted in Behavioral Science and Adult Learning Theory, developed in conjunction with our very own NASA rocket scientist (yes, we're serious)! This means that the content will yield measurable, meaningful, and significant results. Financial wellness is the employee benefit that will provide the knowledge, motivation, and tools to empower employees to live financially wise and values-driven lives with confidence and security... and, isn't that what wellness is all about?  

Three tangible take-away you will receive from this session include: 1. A Workforce Assessment: “Are Financial Wellness Programs a Fit for Your Organization?” 2. Success Criteria of a Financial Wellness Program 3. 7 Pillars of Financial Wellness Behavior Change Model  

-Wide Awake... The Art & Science of Top Performance While recovering from a life-changing crisis in 2008, Brent obsessed with defining why someone like himself would have chosen a path of self-destruction and began blazing his new path by investing thousands of hours of research, interviews with experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, wellness, theology, and behavioral science. So, what are the secrets of high performers and those successful few who live in contentment?

ANSWER: There are no secrets, but there are principles, and principles are universal. As an attendee, you will be challenged and inspired to reset default beliefs for peak performance. No “getting ready to get ready” but instead, doing and doing well! Whether you would like to increase your performance in your professional or personal life, you will find the Five Principles for Top Performance to be relevant, timely and absolute game-changers. Learn how to live a life full of abundance and contentment.

Key Takeaways: 1. Discover the default beliefs that keep you from peak performance 2. Understand and communicate your values while aligning them with purposeful planning to achieve peak performance 3. Achieve and lead others toward peak performance  

Servant Selling: A Proven System for Top Performing Professionals Very early in his career as a young man, Brent was putting up head-turning sales numbers in the financial services industry and in turn was being invited to speak to organizations and their high performing teams, normally full of professionals much older than him, with decades more experience. Brent’s ability to challenge self-limiting beliefs, redirect default behaviors, and create huge results is something very un-common in itself!  

So many of the negative connotations associated with the title of Salesperson are generations old and unfortunately, well-deserved. No respectable, business professional wants to be known as “Salesy” or as “Pushy, Slimy or Greasy”. So, where do these scripts come from and more importantly, are these potentially self-limiting beliefs to our success as business professionals, who are responsible for business development?  

These principles have become a cornerstone in Brent’s life and something that he has passionately committed his life to sharing and coaching with others:  

Principle #1: Role VS Soul Principle #2: How are you Being? Principle #3: Persuasion through Serving Principle #4: The Emotional Brain Principle #5: Communicating with Purpose  

With his first-hand experience in business and multi-million-dollar sales teams, Brent offers a peer’s perspective when partnering with entrepreneurs, executives and sales team leaders. And as his clients will tell you, he is a natural listener, is genuinely invested in his clients, and offers actionable and effective solutions that you can feel proud about.


“Brent is a master onstage. He has a commanding presence when he's addressing an audience. He holds your attention incredibly well. He expresses a theory and ties it into very practical application. And then he layers in a lot of personal stories, which in my experience holds the attention of the audience quite well." - John Wittry (Co-Founder at High Performing Teams Consulting Group)  

"As a public speaker, Brent is engaging, funny and very prepared." - Chad Williams (Private Wealth Advisor)  

"Brent's a phenomenal speaker, every time I listen to Brent, I walk away knowing how to do something better. Brent is always a good investment. He brings expertise and high-level training." - Mike Barber (Owner, Barber and Associates Financial Group)  

"Brent was one of the finest sources that I pulled in to my team. He’s effective because he cares, is real and is energetic." - Laurie Oswald (CEO of Best Year Yet and Effective Edge)  

"With my background as an NCAA Division I head coach and having captained a U.S. and World Cup lacrosse team, I've seen a lot of winners and I've seen some amazing coaches, including having had a Lombardi on my staff. And I've got to share with you, I have never seen a more transformational, powerful leader than Brent Hines. His ability to communicate and connect at a very high level and call people into their greatness, to me, is second-to-none. In my experience in speaking and consulting all over the world, Brent Hines is a top-tier communication thought leader and world-class leader. The very best of the best can benefit from Brent. I could not recommend him more highly." - Wendy Stevens (Author, International Speaker, Consultant, & former NCAA Div. I Head Coach)  

"Brent is one of my most favorite people and working with him is an absolute pleasure. He's a true visionary and thinks big (BIG) picture. He's a true leader in every sense: thoughtful, decisive, and direct—yet all the while bringing an incredibly positive energy and enthusiasm to everyone with whom he interacts." - Erin Pheil (Web Agency Owner, Website Consultant)

Brent Hines

International Speaker | Executive Director | Global Wellness Leader