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Brian Krogh

Travels from: Boston, MA

Communications Coach


Presentations, Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership

I help leaders communicate with clarity so they can lead with confidence.

Brian Krogh

Fun Facts About Brian

Things I can’t live without: Family; A Good Book; My Calendar.

My favorite piece of advice: Live for your eulogy not your resume.

Describe yourself in one word: Driven.

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Visiting the Swiss Alps.

Brian’s helped hundreds of professionals deliver compelling presentations and taught public speaking at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Brian lives in the Boston area and is very proud of his three children. He enjoys travelling and has yet to lose at Seinfeld trivia.

Brian is convinced no one wants to sit through or deliver a boring presentation. Through dynamic keynote talks, interactive workshops, and one on one coaching Brian’s mission is to help professionals achieve great success by learning to speak so others will listen.


Speak So Others Will Listen
In a world where everyone is talking and no one is listening, how can you find your voice? In a cluttered world, clarity wins. If your research, ideas, and story are important (and they are!) than learning to communicate effectively is a vital skill. Through a proven step by step model participants learn to communicate with confidence and clarity so others will hear their voice in any situation.

The Most Important Question
An inspirational and motivational talk that reminds listeners WHAT you accomplish is not as important as WHO you become along the way.

Contact Brian

Phone: 978-578-5332

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