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Carla Henry-Lewis is a Certified Stress Management and Relationship Coach. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Accountancy. She is a wife, mother of three daughters and the grandmother of one granddaughter, the light of her life.

As the caregiver of a family member with a chronic illness, Carla’s “on the job training” led her to seek God for the resources and wisdom to not only meet the challenges of that calling but to have joy in the journey. She discovered that many people, including herself, wore masks that kept them from living a fully engaged and fulfilled life.

Various challenges have fueled her desire to help others live an emotionally healthy life and sustain healthy relationships. Facing life as it comes, learning to be flexible, and developing a sense of humor, have all given her an inner peace that comforts others and gives them hope for the future. These are skills she teaches others to develop.



Jealousy Kills, Love Heals

Would you like to enjoy healthy, loving relationships? Carla Lewis has had to learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs that threatened sibling relationships and kept her in a state of stress. The truths she uncovered will help you:

* Discover how comparing yourself to others is a catalyst to insecurity, envy, low self-esteem and troubled relationships

* Learn how to overcome feelings of jealousy and hatred through self-awareness and acceptance

* Find the path to peace and a more fulfilling life through self-acceptance and healthy relationships

Solid, healthy relationships can be a reality in your life. Carla will teach you the principles she learned that have brought about self-acceptance and self-awareness, the discovery of her own unique gifts and appreciation for others without comparison.

Put Your Mask on First

The instruction to those inflight if a lack of oxygen should occur, is to “put your mask on first” before trying to help those you’re flying with. Years of experience as a caregiver of someone with a chronic illness has taught Carla Lewis some valuable lessons she shares with those in similar situations:

* Your first response may not be the best one for you or the person you’re caring for

* Self-care is not selfishness

* Caring for yourself is critical in making sure everyone “survives the flight”

Carla has had years of “on the job” training in meeting the challenges faced by those who act as caregivers for others. She learned how to seek God for the resources and wisdom she needed and to find joy in the journey. Her insights can help lighten the load and lessen the isolation felt by those who care for others long term.

Lord, Help Me, I Married an Idiot

Carla Lewis openly shares about her not-so-perfect marriage of nearly thirty years. She has learned lessons along the way that will help those in similar circumstances:

* How to come out of isolation and reclaim your voice

* How to re-introduce yourself to those closest to you as you regain your power and are transformed before their eyes

* How to lighten up and find joy in your journey as you learn not to take things so seriously

You don’t have to live in embarrassment over someone else’s actions. You are not responsible for the behavior of your spouse, only for your response to it. Carla will share insights and hope to help you overcome dysfunctional relationships. You can find fulfillment and purpose in life.


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“I had the pleasure of hearing Carla Lewis speak at a Christian Girls Rock event regarding stress management. I immensely enjoyed her and found myself wishing that she had more time. I felt this way because she was REAL. Oftentimes, I hear speakers that are very well spoken, a great story‐teller, and able to maintain the interest and attention of the room, however, more often than not I walk away with the opinion that something was still missing. Transparency. Authenticity. For the first time in a long time, after hearing Carla speak, I felt as though her presentation (which actually felt more like a conversation with a good and trusted friend) was what I had been longing for when listening to other women speak to women like myself who have had and still have experiences that can sometimes rock your world. If I were to judge based on the facial expressions of the women in the room, then I would say the entire room connected on some level with her. I cannot wait until I am able to hear Carla “Keep it Real” Lewis speak again.” – A. A. Truevillian

“Carla Lewis energetic, purposeful yet down to earth presenter. Carla has a way of connecting you to your story, by having you relate to her story. Her deliverance is on target when discussing issues pertaining to women. So often times, women presenters discuss surface issues, yet Carla discusses things most women are afraid to talk about because of it being taboo. Nonetheless, I appreciate Carla’s approach in being a woman with the desire of dealing with the root of the problem. I’m looking forward to working with her more in the future!” – Alicia Barnes

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