Profile Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown

Travels from: Atlanta, Georgia

Leadership Coach, Team Builder


Servant Leadership, Team Building, Discipline, Awareness, Passion, Purpose, Personal Branding, Sacred Space, Professional Communication & Correspondence, Career Planning

I help young adults become the leaders they need so they can grow, lead, and change their world.

Courtney Brown

Fun Facts About Courtney

Things I can’t live without: God, Family, Food

My favorite piece of advice: You were born complete

Describe yourself in one word: Serving

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Become a grandmother

About Courtney

Courtney is a US ARMY Veteran and former teacher who is passionate about creating aware servant leaders with a realistic plan to implement immediately in order to achieve their goals and overcome the obstacles preventing it

Contact Courtney



Phone: 4046670445


Servant Leadership –Strength of a Leader, Heart of a Servant

Team Building – Grow Strengths, Leaders, and Wins

Discipline – Lead like You Want to be Led

Awareness – Who Are You? Passion, Purpose, & Personal

Branding – You are a walking billboard. What’s your message?

Sacred Space – Finding the place of refuge and reflection as a leader

Professional Communication & Correspondence – Per my last e-mail plus all the things you really want to say

Career Planning – Being good is not good enough

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