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David Avrin, CSP - Grow Your Speaking Business

David Avrin, CSP

 David AvrinPresident, Visibility International

One of the most in-demand business speakers in the world today.

Travels from: Castle Rock, CO


One of the most in-demand business marketing and customer experience speakers in the world today, David Avrin, CSP has shared his content-rich, entertaining, hard-hitting and memorable presentations to enthusiastic audiences across North America and around the world. Recent presentation locations include: Singapore, Bangkok, Melbourne, Brisbane, Antwerp, Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka, Manila, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, London, Johannesburg and Dubai. David Avrin shows business owners and leaders, sales professionals, HR audiences and entrepreneurs how to ferret-out, recognize, craft and promote compelling competitive advantages.

David’s business insights have been featured on hundreds of broadcast media outlets and thousands of online and print publications around the world. He is also the author of three books including the acclaimed: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You!, Visibility Marketing, and his newest book: Why Customers Leave and How to Win Them Back was released in April 2019 and was named by Forbes as one of the: 7 Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read.”  Available everywhere and coming soon in Spanish, Chinese and Russian!


To see David in action, please take a look at his Sizzle Reel!

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Signature Keynotes:

Customer Experience is Your New Competitive Advantage – What Works, What Doesn’t and Why it Matters More than Ever

(Customer Experience/Customer Service)

The greatest source of lost revenue for your business is the prospect you never knew about. They clicked away without buying, drove past without stopping in, or hung up on your voice mail system. So, how do you earn and keep customers when patience is short and alternatives are only a short drive or a click away? In this eye-opening, actionable and very entertaining presentation, popular Customer Experience expert David Avrin, CSP will shine a light on the monumental shift in purchasing behavior and expectation, while showing your team everyone’s role in eliminating barriers, engaging prospects and creating Customer Experiences worth sharing.

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You! – How to Attract the Best Customers and Create an Army of Raving Fans


It’s a new world and the marketplace has changed. Countless choices are both nearby and online. Being great at what you do is no longer a differentiator — It is merely the entry fee. Today, winning in business is about discovering, creating and leveraging competitive advantages. In this highly entertaining, thought-provoking and actionable presentation, based on his book: Visibility Marketing, Business Marketing, and Customer Experience veteran David Avrin, CSP will show you and your team how to discover, create and promote meaningful differentiators to gain visibility and earn customers.


“Response to David’s keynote speech at our annual meeting was overwhelmingly!” – Denis Walsh, CEO Money Concepts

“During the past 16 years, I’ve seen over 300 presentations. Yours stands out as the most polished presentation of all.” – Dennis Ellmaurer, TEC Chairman

“Wow! You have such a gift for speaking. Engaging, funny and very informative!” – Davis Federspiel, International SPA Association


Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back): (24 Reasons People are Leaving You for Competitors, and How to Win Them Back*)

Learn more here

Visibility Marketing: The No-Holds-Barred Truth About What It Takes to Grab Attention, Build Your Brand and Win New Business

Learn more here



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