Dave Quinn, CEcD

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Keynote Speaker, Transformation Coach, Economic Development Mastermind, Entrepreneur

Travels From: Dallas, TX

Topics: Leadership, Personal Development, Economic/Community Development, Personal Responsibility, Personal Branding for Economic Developers, Social Media for Community Storytelling and Mental Wellness.

Things I can't live without: Christ, Family and Travel

My favorite piece of advice: Start! That's it. There is no secret. Just decide and do and life will teach you what you need to know.

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate

Things I love: My redhead, my kids, watching the sun set from the deck of our Possum Kingdom Lake house, and travel

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show for doing something great.

I help inspire others to take ownership of their lives and become difference makers.

David Quinn
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About Dave Quinn

Dave Quinn, CEcD is a seasoned Certified Economic Development Professional, delivering a range of training and coaching services for Economic Development Agencies and their executives. 

As an economic development mastermind, personal development coach and vision caster, he loves inspiring others through talks on Leadership, Personal Development, Economic Development, Mental Wellness, and Personal Responsibility. He is a founder and managing partner of Day One Experts, a company designed to help municipalities, real estate developers, and companies with the most challenging aspects to achieving their goals, Public-Private interactions. 

Dave also founded The Solutionist: A mastermind community for economic and community development professionals where they can safely explore new ideas and strategies for economic growth, find peer accountability and support and encouragement to sharpen their business and personal skills. 

He is a passion-filled father and husband, inspiring others to take ownership of their lives and make a positive impact in the world by sharing their God-given talents and abilities. He travels the country encouraging audiences to passionately pursue their purpose to live their best life. 

Personal Branding

Personal Development



#13Steps to Happiness: A lesson in mindset from a Costco parking lot - In this humorous keynote, Dave shares how a chance meeting with an abandoned shopping cart just 13 steps from a return corral shifted his mindset and forever changed his life. Dave takes the audience on an insightful journey and inspires them to shift their mindset and take ownership of their circumstances helping them lead a happier more fulfilled journey through life.  

Dancing Concrete: How passion, purpose, and teamwork leads to success - Over time teams, organizations and communities can become set in their ways hardening like concrete around their responsibilities or roles. When this happens, progress seems as impossible as making concrete dance. In this energetic and informative talk, Dave will help the audience to see how passionately pursuing a common purpose can create momentum and break down these self-imposed barriers to progress.  

It's Not About the Trees - The story of Bastrop Complex Fire and the lessons learned during and after the worst wildfire in Texas History.  

Farm Town to Boom Town: The FriscoTX Formula for Success - The story of Frisco, TX and how developed from a small town into an economic powerhouse in North Texas.

Digital Post Cards: How to Create and Share your Community's Story Online - Encourages communities to take control of their digital presence and leverage it to create economic growth and prosperity.

Building Cheers: That Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name - The importance of building a sense of community in your town to help drive economic growth and prosperity.

We Not Me: Regional Approaches for Economic Development - How communities can leverage their efforts to have a greater impact with their economic development efforts.  


"I have leaned on Dave time after time again to share his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with the many audiences and events I have hosted. He has always delivered and has never let the audience down. Dave consistently ranks amongst the favorites on participant surveys and they always ask when they can hear him again. I work with a lot of speakers and I can say that it is always a joy to work with Dave. He is the consummate professional, always prepared, always on point in his remarks and his passion for each topic is evident in his presentations. Dave has a permanent spot on my A-Team.” - Lorie Vincent, CEcD, President, ACCELERATION by design, LLC  

“Dave Quinn was one of the highlights of the Stand Up Rural America Summit. While all of the speakers were great, Dave’s message really resonated with me. His warmth, knowledge, and passion held the audience upon his every word. I definitely look forward to hearing Dave speak again at future events.” - Kim, Topeka, Kansas  

“One of my favorite speakers of the Stand Up Rural America Summit was Dave Quinn. I loved his topic and he is an awesome storyteller. I will go back to the Summit again just to hear high-quality speakers, like Dave”. - Judy, Tulsa, OK  

"The audience responded well to Dave's energetic and inspirational talk on attracting residential and commercial development to small towns and rural areas." - Louise Anderson, International Economic Development Corporation  

"The overtone of the speech was motivational and encouraging, and Mr. Quinn challenged everyone in attendance to find their purpose." - Kathryn Penrose, Gonzales Inquirer