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DeeAnne Riendeau

Travels from: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

Professional Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur


Conscious Leadership Intuitive Development Human Relations Empowerment Conscious Living Holistic Health and Well being Anxiety and Stress Motivation and Productivity

I help people who are looking for more in life to find just what they need so they can live in harmony, flow, and design their lives consciously

DeeAnne Riendeau

Fun Facts About DeeAnne

Things I can’t live without: \Water, Air and LOVE

My favorite piece of advice: When you believe more in what you don’t see than in what you do see, then what you do see you won’t see, and what you don’t see you will see Rev. Michael Beckwith

Describe yourself in one word: Inspired

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Travel to Peru

Things I love: My kids(family and friends), nature, painting, singing and laughing

Acclaimed thought leader DeeAnne Riendeau is a modern-day mystic intent upon elevating others to a higher level of intentional living.

Having experienced an early life fraught with chronic illness and near-death experiences, the resilient DeeAnne amassed over twenty years of education in the healthcare realm, while pursuing a diverse career involving six successful health businesses.

Currently, she is the founder and president of the first holistic healthcare system in the world, Your Holistic Earth, which provides resources and connections to promote healing through mind, body, and spirit.

DeeAnne is also the owner of Rose Hope International, which empowers people to design their lives from the inside out.

A veteran of numerous television appearances and speaking engagements, most recently at Harvard University, this business visionary and international bestselling author has been nominated for more than twenty awards, including RBC’s Woman of Business and Alberta Business of Distinction.


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The 3 Secrets To Unlocking Your Super Powers

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