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Profile Donny Ingram - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Donny Ingram

Donny Ingram

Motivational Speaker & Performance Coach


“I help people identify and use the tools to increase their performance personally and professionally”


Donny is an author, performance coach, trainer, motivational speaker and Founder of Ingram Management Group. For the last thirty plus years, he has worked in the area of sales and sales management as well as training and development for both government and corporate America.

Donny is responsible for the development of “Engaging for Success” a corporate training program that focuses on human design, communication, and attitude.

He has been married to wife Charlotte for over 43 years and they have raised three sons. He served over twenty-one years with the United States Air Force and finished his career at Air University in Montgomery Alabama.



Engaging for Success – This presentation is perfect for almost any occasion. Donny is a pro at adapting this to fit the needs or theme of any meeting or conference. This keynote not only entertains and informs every listener but it will awaken the desire to build a more positive attitude in everyone listening. This presentation provides solid evidence of the principles that are proven to work and the methods to use in order for them to become a habit.

Donny uses his experiences in dealing with difficult decisions and situations as well as documented studies to show the power of human design, communication, standards, and attitude. This is our most requested keynote…

Succeeding in Challenging Times – The information in this presentation will ignite any team to excel personally and professionally. This is a great opening session for meetings, dinners, and conferences. It is designed to inspire, uplift and motivate every listener to reach higher in every aspect of life.

The information Donny shares will help every individual prevail in the age of instability. He shares about how to overcome the resistance to change by clearing up some of the myths that far too many people hold as truth.

This keynote will help everyone become an agent of change and open the door to success.


“You made our board look really good, as you were our top rated speaker this year. Many said that you gave us more to think about than any speaker we have had in the past. Your message was timely, well received and much needed in today’s changing and challenging marketplace.”
-David Bahr, President – CIMRO Board Chairman, Denver, CO


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