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From bullshit to goodshit, Personal crisis resolution, Overcoming the quarter-life crisis, Building a business from a personal crisis.

I help Millennials overcome personal crisis, so they can thrive in every area of their life


8 years ago, I experienced a personal crisis that threatened to destroy every part of my life. Instead, through the lessons I learned, I resolved my crisis and built a business from it. Now, I show others how they can do the same. In my new book- Becomiin I talk about how I broke free of my personal crisis and found my authentic voice and my unique purpose. I live between New York and Los Angeles.


Personal Crisis Resolution – I believe that when one is dealing with a personal crisis, it stunts every area of your life, killing progress and productivity. To thrive, it is important to revisit the foundation and isolate and resolve the crisis that has set one up for failure. Resolving this crisis creates a new foundation on which is possible to flourish, so you can be done and have the life and lifestyle of your dreams.

The Quarter Life Crisis – A time to unleash potential – The quarter life is that point in most people’s life where the reality of being an adult suddenly hits. No one has prepared them for this time and because they have been in a controlled environment, they have not experienced the stress that makes the symptoms of the crisis breakout. It doesn’t have to be this way though. In this talk, I show how the quarter life crisis if handled properly can set one up for a lifetime of flourishing and prosperity

From Crisis to Business – There are so many lessons that having a crisis teaches. I gained a whole wealth of new knowledge and ideas from my crisis years. I have developed a system that relies on the crisis experience to lead you to a new business. I show the audience how I took my crisis and turned it into a business, and how they can do the same.



“I came to Ekene for business coaching, and I got so much more. Ekene helped me break away from fear caused by my personal crisis of identity. I regained my confidence and expanded my vision for myself and for my business.” – Vanessa Clermont – Nutrition and Fitness Entrepreneur.

“Armed with multiple degrees in a field that I wanted to be in, I found myself unable to thrive, I was stuck. Ekene helped me understand what was going on and gave me the tools I needed to make the changes in my personal life and in my career as an Actor and a Director. Ekene is a superb speaker and Coach.”  – Paul Edwards – Actor & Director

Ekene was one of our Keynote Speakers out our thought leaders event in 2016. He’s speaking style is so personal and authentic. It was a real pleasure listening to him share his inspirational story.” – Ryan Espisona- Co Founder, Spiire


Phone: 347-737-2499

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