Ellen McIlhenny

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Speaker | Author | Coach

Travels From: Richmond, VA

Topics: Small business tips, Leadership, Overcoming adversity.

Things I can't live without: My Faith, My Family, My Mission

My favorite piece of advice: As a coach I tell my clients to only do the things that only they can do. Delegate the rest.

Describe yourself in one word: Competitive

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Bike across the Netherlands

I help owners of privately held businesses reach their goals, both personal and business.

Ellen McIlhenny
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Ellen is the author of the book "The Big Turnaround - How bad management nearly destroyed an exceptional company"

Ellen McIlhenny is currently a partner and Business Transition Expert with the consulting firm B2B CFO®, specializing in strategic and business transition planning.  

She graduated with an accounting degree from Virginia Tech and spent more than twenty years as a CFO or controller in mid-sized and large privately held businesses.  

She is the author of the book "The Big Turnaround - How bad management nearly destroyed an exceptional company", a business novel dealing with common problems business owners face on a daily basis. Her next book scheduled to come out in the summer of 2019 is called "The Small Business Cookbook: 101 Tips and Tales for the Small Business Owner". This is a non-fiction business tips book which incorporates storytelling to illustrate each point.  

Ellen loves to speak to groups, both large and small about how to improve both business processes and finances. Her current presentation is on the topic of business transition and how to be well prepared for it.  

Ellen's second mission is speaking about her journey as the mother of an adult son with special needs. She speaks to young parents about how she dealt with the loss of "the perfect life" that had been planned but put on hold with the birth of her first son.


Small Business Tips

Overcoming Adversity


THE BUSINESS SALE SOLUTION Format: 60-90 minute workshop Perfect for privately held business owners about the importance of preparing for business transition well before the transaction.  

The audience will leave with: A step by step process on everything from compiling documets to pulling together the team of professionals needed to have a successful and profitable business transition. audience activity educational / informative  

SMALL BUSINESS COOKBOOK Format: 60 minute - Half-day Workshop  

The audience will leave with: Practical ideas to improve any business An offer for a free signed book (once it is released) educational / informative  

THE BIG TURNAROUND Format: 30 minute presentation then audience participation program  

The audience will leave with: Practical ideas to help every business using examples in my book. A signed copy of my book "The Big Trunaround- How bad management nearly destroys an exceptional company." entertainment-based educational / informative  

THE OTHER WHY Format 15-30 minute Keynote

The Audience will leave with: an explanation of "the five stages of grief" in my search for "why" did this happen to me. The journey to acceptance was one of self examination that often led to some unflattering realizations about myself. inspirational / life-changing


“Ellen and I connected when her book was a finalist for Author Academy Awards. Ellen is an action-taker that knows how to help others reach their goals. She is a certified Dream Job coach and with her professionalism and drive will have an impact on her clients." - Kary Oberbrunner, Publisher

Ellen McIlhenny

Speaker | Author | Coach