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Profile John Kinuthia - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile John Kinuthia

John KinuthiaSpeaker, Trainer, Coach, and Founder of Leadership TIER Consulting

I help organizations train, develop and inspire their employees so as to reduce turnover, increase productivity.

Topics: Leadership, Effective Communication, Presentation Skills, Becoming a Person of Influence, Leadership Skills for First-time Supervisors & Managers, Developing the Leaders Around You, Goal Setting and Goal Achievement, Team Building, Gratitude Culture, Today matters, Intentional Living, Facilitate John Maxwell’s Leadership Game, Youth Leadership, Developing Positive Self-Image and Character, Learning to Fail Forward

Travel From: Philadelphia, PA


John is an engaging speaker, trainer and facilitator certified by the John Maxwell Team. Through his presentations, John energizes the audience with his dynamic personality and unique personal stories. He encourages people to take action and step out of their comfort zone.

He was born and raised in Kenya where he was an adjunct professor in Business and Math. John was also the co-founder and program director of Young Professionals in National Policy Kenya (YPNP), a National Leadership Organization for college students that promotes Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Peace and Participation.

In 2012, John came to the United States and worked in the finance industry for five years. He decided to leave his work in finance behind to follow his passion and return to his teaching roots by starting his own speaking and training company.

He now works with businesses, schools and nonprofits to develop and train their employees on topics such as leadership, communication, gratitude culture and intentionality.


Gratitude Changes Everything

I believe that the first step in realizing your own significance and how to live a life of meaning and purpose is through gratitude. We all know that gratitude is a way to show appreciation for love, kindness, health, a good life, even suffering but are we intentional in being thankful for who we are, what we have and what we aspire to be?

We all can offer gratitude, regardless of our situations. I have discovered the value and positive impact of practicing the art of gratitude. This amazing mindset for gratitude fuels enthusiasm for life, it gives you a better awareness of those things that are most important to you and helps you discover your ‘why’, your purpose/mission in life. Being intentional in our gratitude heals our mind, heart and soul. It’s a sure way of increasing happiness and living a purposeful life.

Gratitude CAN change everything.


“John Kinuthia is an engaging speaker. He uses relevant life experience to draw in his audience to teach valuable life lessons. He has an authenticity that adds to relatability and genuine care for those he is speaking to. He would be a great speaker for any organization.” — Anza Goodbar, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

“I have enjoyed all of John’s presentations. He is energetic, to the point and very real. He instantly has everyone in the room interested in what he has to share and what he shares is always interesting, useful and inspiring. John is funny, talented and insightful. I look forward to attending another presentation.” — Doreen McGettigan, Best-selling Author

“John’s presentations are dynamic and interactive. He leaves the audience with tips that are easy to implement in daily life.” — Participant

“I loved the session John did. I found it inspiring and reflective!” — Participant

“Mr. Kinuthia is by far one of the most genuine presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From his introduction, all the way through his presentation to a group of our students here at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School, he was exceptional. His ability to build authentic professional working relationships is matched only by his ability to equip students with the mindset to achieve their goals. Coupled with his humbled background and authentic life story. Mr Kinuthia offers students and business professionals keen insight about how to live a passion driven life focused on goal setting both attainable and sustainable to the individual.” 
— Louis Antoine, Assistant Dean, Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School



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