John Murphy

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International Executive Coach and Professional Speaker

Travels From: The South of France

Topics: Top Team Performance, Onboarding New Managers, Leadership, Executive Coaching

Things I can't live without: My wife, my 3 daughters, sunshine

My favorite piece of advice: It's how you respond to what happens to you that shapes your future.

Describe yourself in one word: Enthusiastic

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Skydive

Things I love: Exploring new things, Reading, Travel, Golf, Coaching people

I help senior executives optimise their own potential and become respected leaders, as well as build high performing teams.

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John Murphy is an internationally recognized executive coach who helps business owners, senior executives and management teams deliver excellence.

John's full-time work is as an international coach and keynote speaker. John set up his own business, John Murphy International, in 2004 and has clients in USA, Europe and Middle East. Among his clients are global companies like Pfizer, Airbus, State Street Bank, Circle K, Vodafone, Air France and others. He operates exclusively at the C Suite level. 

Prior to setting up his own business John was in the corporate world, where he started as a salesman and then moved to the ranks to become CEO of a Pan European Financial Services Group. John's first hand experience in the corporate world serves him, and his clients well, as an international coach. 

John hails originally from Dublin, Ireland and has now made his base in the glorious South of France.

Top Team Performance

Onboarding New Managers

Leadership/ Coaching


What Makes a Great Leader Based on Amazon Bestseller that John published called: The 10 Key Traits of Top Business Leaders. The keynote is drawn from the book which was based on John's experience of coaching leaders and what he found to be the key traits necessary to be a successful leader. 

How to Optimise the Potential of Your Team Optimising the potential of your team is a key challenge for all leaders. Building high performing teams is expected of all leaders. In this keynote John highlights the key areas of focus and how to leverage those to build that consistently high performing team

Your First 100 Days as a New Manager We know that 60% of first time managers fail in the first two years, and the cost of that failure is huge - both to the organisation and the individual. John presents a step by step process that fast tracks the new manager to become highly effective and self sufficient in half the time.


"Through John's guidance, I now have a high-performing team delivering great solutions to our customers. He helped unleash the full potential of my team."  

-Andrew Otoo, Director, Pfizer  

"Since working with John, business grew 40 percent and we won the biggest single account in our industry"  

-Patrick Hickey, Group MD, Rothco Ltd

John Murphy

International Executive Coach and Professional Speaker