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Profile Josef Martens - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile Josef Martens

Josef Martens

Travels from: Washington, DC

Leadership in Tech and STEM Organizations - Keynote Speaker


Leadership, innovation, customer relationships, business development in tech organizations

I help smart leaders in tech and STEM organizations become great leaders

Josef Martens

Things I can’t live without: Thought-provoking conversations, hiking boots and a sail boat

My favorite piece of advice: To think outside the box, you first need to get outside the box

Describe yourself in one word: Real

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Sailing around the world

Things I love: The Appalachian Trail, the Chesapeake Bay, tiramisu, red wine and cheese

Josef is a recovering scientist. With a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Cambridge, several patents and a successful spin-off company that went through an IPO he has experienced what can be accomplished with deep subject matter expertise. Yet, he soon realized that expertise is vastly overrated. Other factors are essential for real influence and success. Josef studied what these factors are, and he now helps leaders in tech and STEM industries leverage those factors.

Josef clients are smart leaders in tech and STEM organizations. They are in pharma, biotech, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, engineering, cyber, IT, software, finance, banking, and insurance. They deal with complex challenges and shape the future of their industries.

Josef has given keynotes and training programs in over 30 countries on six continents, on the TEDx stage, in front of over 100,000 people and on rare occasions … even his teenage children listen to him.

Contact Josef Martens


Phone: 240-938-1274



The High-Impact Leader: Innovative Approaches to Accelerated Leadership

It’s one thing to be a smart leader and another thing entirely to be effective and have an impact. It’s rarely the technical expertise, and it’s usually the human side that sets you apart as a leader, also (or especially) in tech organizations. Mastering the human side doesn’t just happen; it requires the same attention you have given your technical expertise.

This interactive program will show you what you need to transform from a brilliant expert to a high-impact leader. In role-plays, scenario discussions, quizzes, and interactive games, you will discover the key skills and start your journey towards leadership mastery.

Creating a Culture of Innovation: Beyond Pleasantries & Whitewash

The history of innovation programs is full of over-promises and under-deliveries. The reason is that innovation is frequently misunderstood. At its core, it is not about generating breakthrough ideas, creating novel products or coming up with transformative services. Instead, it’s about getting the organization ready for tomorrow

This program is not just for designated “innovators”, but for everyone who wants to achieve growth, bottom-line results and engagement. In this high-energy program, Josef busts the common innovation myths and replaces them with concrete strategies to generate and deliver new value to your customers.

From Rough-Cut to Brilliant: Growing Customer Relationships

Technical people and their customers don’t just speak a different language – they live in different worlds. The consequence? Limited customer relationships, limited business development, and limited results. In this program, Josef helps audiences the gap between these worlds.

This eye-opening and engaging program combines advanced leadership skills with a practical how-to-guide to become a trusted adviser. It is designed to be an in-depth experience to give you the cognitive, emotional and social skills you need to be effective in any customer situation.