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Julie HolmesKeynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder & Sales/Innovation Consultant

Travels from: London, UK

Topics: Innovation, Change, Sales

I help organizations get big results with little changes through incremental innovation. When done right, great ideas can grow revenue, reduce costs and let employees contribute to the story…all without major investment.


Julie Holmes is a tech company founder, entrepreneur, corporate survivor, sales evangelist, international keynote speaker and enthusiastic American.

For 20 years, Julie honed her strategy, marketing and, sales skills with enterprise technology companies. More recently, she has founded 2 companies including her newest venture that took one of her “hair-brained ideas” from hacked up prototype to a delivered product in just 90 days. That product is now being used in over 25 countries!

While Julie enjoys sharing her passion and business building strategies, her favorite part is hearing and seeing the results her audiences experience when they action those ideas: more sales, more innovation, more confidence, more positivity and more fun.

She’s ready to help you find your tiny idea that will generate big results!


The Dynamite in the Details: Embracing Itty Bitty Ideas for Real World Results 

Does the word “innovation” leave you feeling overwhelmed, out of time and low on funds? Fear not! Julie is here to empower the whole group with engaging and practical strategies for incremental innovation. Imagine being able to make the one tiny change that saves hours of productivity, skyrockets your next product, grow your sales close rates and even makes your pets and kids behave better. In this keynote, Julie shares the process of incremental innovation and, time allowing, gets the audience contributing ideas during the talk. It’s time to get practical about innovation and start delivering some powerful, creative, exciting results.

NOTE: Available as a keynote and workshop

The Three Letters That Will Change Your Business (and Your Life) 

As entrepreneurs, we dream of new opportunities. Unfortunately, they exist in a world of obstacles and second-guessing. So, what’s the one thing that you can do in your professional and personal life to keep you moving forward? And once you’re moving forward, how can you go even faster? Julie Holmes helps businesses go from average to extraordinary and it all starts with three little letters! Ready to find out what they are?

NOTE: Available as a keynote


“The perfect mix of inspiration, humor, learning and actionable advice.” – Pegasus Systems

“She goes far beyond motivational slogans and makes good and highly practical suggestions.” – Ernst & Young

“The whole team left feeling energized and excited to put her techniques into practice. I would thoroughly recommend Julie.” – Ravensbourne

“Julie’s presentation style is lively and captivating and needs to be experienced to be understood.” – American School of London

“Julie is an incredible speaker, I know people say things like this all the time on testimonials, but I don’t! She is hands down the best speaker I’ve ever seen at a live event.” – Success Matters

“Strong female speakers on sales are hard to find. Julie is one. We’ll be sending her on the plane to a lot more conferences across Europe.” – ProMotivate Speakers Bureau




Phone: (720) 308-2960

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