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Kelly Falardeau

Travels from: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Multiple TEDx Talker, 5x Best-Selling Author, Amazon Best-Seller Strategist, Burn Survivor


Women Leadership, Diversity, Overcoming Obstacles, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Wellness, Youth, Women Entrepreneurship, Overcoming Adversity, Perserverance, Resiliency,

I help people take the ‘T’ out of can’t.

Kelly Falardeau

Fun Facts About Kelly

Things I can’t live without: iphone, family, books

My favorite piece of advice: Dreams are meant to be found – not tucked away in Dreamland. ~ Kelly Falardeau

Describe yourself in one word: Spontaneous

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Spend the day with the Koalas

Things I love: Warm towels, karaoke (but I only sing at my table), floating down the river in a tube, deep conversations with my friends, traveling

Kelly Falardeau is a burn survivor since the age of two-years-old on 75% of her body.

She found a way to go from near-death to success; from the ugly scar-faced girl to the TEDx stage twice in one year, Fierce Woman of the Year, an International Best-Selling Author (5x), recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and a YWCA Woman of Distinction. And most recently a documentary about her life story called “Still Beautiful” launched on national TV in 2018 and has inspired almost 10 million viewers.

Official Still Beautiful Trailer:

Kelly’s life story has been made into a documentary called Still Beautiful. At age two Kelly Falardeau was horrifically burned in an accident. Since that day, she has resisted being the “ugly, scar-faced girl” and defined for herself what beauty really means, in a time of unprecedented social pressure.

There are 4 versions, a 48-min, 73-min and both of those are also in Christian versions. Kelly does presentations where they will show the 48-min version of the doc and then facilitates a Q and A afterwards.


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Goalcast Video over 9.5 million views:

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Phone: 587-988-8488


TOPIC: You’re More Than Enough

In today’s demanding world, where we are expected to be ‘super-women’, Kelly will introduce her perseverance tool kit and how she uses it to overcome challenges, fight self-doubt, and find success. Kelly will also share her powerful message on the meaning of value – how women are taught we aren’t valuable unless we have it all – but in reality, our value is something much deeper.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:

* Your value isn’t in how much money you ‘make’ or ‘don’t make’
* Your worthiness is defined by you not someone else’s perception of you
* Perserverance tool kit

TOPIC: How to Become a Best-Selling Author

Most people think being an author is amazing, which is true, but what’s even more amazing is when you are a Best-Selling Author. There are many reasons to become a Best-Selling Author; more opportunities, higher speaker fees and seen as a trusted authority. In this presentation, Kelly will share opportunities she received because she is a best-selling author. In fact, her ‘Still Beautiful’ book proposal helped her to secure a broadcaster which became a documentary about her life story as a burn survivor. She will teach you her formula so you can become a Best-Selling Author.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:

* How to publish your book on Amazon
* Reasons to become a Best-Selling Author
* Best-Selling Author Formula

TOPIC: Self-Esteem Doesn’t Come in a Bottle

The problem with society today is that we are taught there’s a magic bottle that will make us strong, confident and full of self-esteem which will help us to conquer the world. Maybe it’s a bottle of alcohol or pills or anti-aging cream? Or maybe it’s a make-up bottle or even botox that will make us more confident. Kelly shares how she realized that her confidence and self-esteem had nothing to do with what she looked like and everything to do with her inner strength. In this presentation you will learn how Kelly used her inner strength to become the YWCA Woman of Distinction with a documentary about her life story which has impacted almost 10 million people.

In this presentation you will learn:
* Bottles don’t give you confidence, mindset shifts create inner strength
* Healthy self-esteem will help you be more successful in life and business
* Confidence and Self-Esteem create high performance leaders

TOPIC: Not All Scars Are Visible

Most often when a tragedy happens, we feel like our world is over and there’s no future for us. Makes sense, right? Of course, and what if a two-year-old gets burned on most of her body and is now covered in ugly scars, it must be a tragedy, right? But is it really, when that scarred-up toddler grows up to be a multiple TEDx talker, 5x Best-Selling Author and YWCA Woman of Distinction with a message that has impacted almost 10 million views? In this presentation Kelly shares how your tragedies can actually be gifts in life that can enhance and propel your life forward, not backwards.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:
* How your tragedy can be your gift in life
* How to see the gift in your tragedy
* How to use your gift and propel your life forward

TOPIC: Finding Your True Reflection
In this presentation, Kelly takes you on a journey of being the ugly scar-faced girl who struggled through finding her true reflection and finally accepted she is f*#king gorgeous (said a man she dated). She shares how to make the ‘determined’, ‘self-sabotage’ and ‘compassionate’ reflections work together so you can succeed in life.