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Nyala PhillipMarketing & Income Strategist | Professional Speaker | Workshop Facilitator

Travels from: Philadelphia, PA

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Client Acquisition, Business Systems & Automation, Social Media, Women Empowerment, Leadership

I help coaches & service professional find and market their unique message so they can make more impact & income in less time.


Nyala Phillip is the owner of NP Consulting, the founder of We Win Movement, and creator of the Market Your Message™ formula. In the last 16 years Nyala has owned several successful businesses both offline & online giving her a unique approach to fundamental brand building and creating business systems built to last. Nyala Phillip is best known for her straight shooter teaching and extensive experience in Marketing & Sales.

After defeating the odds of becoming a statistic in the NYC foster care system, Nyala went on a mission to help change the lives of women who were meant for more. Nyala believes that YOU are the missing ingredient. Your story & experiences hold the power to transform your life and the lives of those you were meant to serve.

Passionate about helping you discover your inner strength and become the trailblazer you were meant to be, Nyala offers real solutions for your brand and business growth. She focuses on helping her clients grow profitable brands that scream Authenticity.

Realizing the need to create a proven system for success Nyala created the Market Your Message™ formula which helps coaches & service professionals find and market their unique message so they can create the life they deserve and the legacy they desire.


How to 10x your Income with Captivating Offers (Even If you’re a Newbie with No List!)

  • Discover how to evoke an emotional connection between you and your audience, so they see you as their ONLY solution
  • Master Nyala’s Lucrative Offer Formula to craft an irresistible, results-driven offer that speaks to the hearts of your ideal clients
  • Learn how to maneuver those self-limiting beliefs and objections your peeps may have to your offer

Get Paid To Market Your Message (Even if You’re Just Getting Started)

  • Learn How to identify your IT factor & Unique message that sets you apart in your industry
  • Craft a Story that Captivates and Enroll Clients into your vision & offers
  • Master the 4 step framework to getting more clients FAST regardless to if you’re new

How To Captivate & Cultivate A Community that Converts Online

  • Discover the secrets to captivating an audience online
  • 3 reasons why some succeed online and others don’t
  • Learn Nyala’s 4 step framework to converting online

Webinar Secrets – How to Build A Captivating Presentation that Sells Without Selling

  • How webinars shift you from “Broke to Bank” in your business
  • Set up a sales process that removes your “fear of selling.”
  • Discover How to craft a presentation that captivates your audience, positions you as an expert, creates a transformation, and sells your offer without selling without selling

Automate Your Biz – How to Turn Your Business into An Automated Selling Machine (so you can spend more time doing what you love)

  • Discover 4 automated systems every business needs to grow exponentially
  • Master the 7 steps to turning your business into an automated selling machine online

From Foster Care to Flourishing: How to Turn Your Pain Into Power & Win

  • Hear how Nyala went from unwanted to sought after and the steps she took to turn her pain and resentment and turn it into a six-figure business.
  • In this talk, Nyala will share the 7 steps to releasing your pain and stepping into your power.



“I knew that I had to have Nyala at my CEO Summit for Childcare Providers event. My audience greatly benefited from her top-notch expertise in using social media to grow your childcare business and childcare brand. Nyala did not disappoint. Her presentation was exceptional and the attendees walked away with actionable items that they could implement immediately. I’m looking forward to having her at our next event.” – Loretta Robinson,



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