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I can help you no matter if you are a new startup entrepreneur or established business professional who already has a smooth and running business, great personal life, with great employees.

Paul Garwood

Fun Facts About Paul

Things I can’t live without: God, Family, Friends

My favorite piece of advice: No matter what your situation is you are never stuck

Describe yourself in one word: Helpful

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Speaking at T.D. Jakes Manpower Conference

Things I love: God, My Family, My Friends, Travel, Reading

Paul L. Garwood is in a word, a trailblazer. His mission is to help entrepreneurs change their business mindset to grow and scale their businesses using their innate, brilliant, unique, gifts and skills and make a bigger impact.

His desire is to see every entrepreneur he encounters, live the life of their dreams and fulfill their destiny.

Being an intuitive problem solver, hel enjoys helping business owners get past their biggest challenges in order to emerge, excel and elevate to the next level of success.

As a sought-after entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and coach, it is his goal is to help purpose driven, leaders and entrepreneurs with uncompromising ambition to become the trailblazers of their respective industries.


MINDSET RESET YOUR BUSINESS – This breakthrough session will guide you through meeting your authentic self, getting past harmful habits, and pushing the reset button on your business (and ultimately, your life).

VISION BOARD FOR SUCCESS – Getting Clarity on Your Business and Life Goals will help you have a successful business. This breakthrough session will teach your visualization.

5 STEPS TO GREATER HAPPINESS IN LIFE & BUSINESS – When I talk to other business owners, their number one complaint is not having their work life and personal life in balance. They feel like they’re missing out on important family events, even simple family dinners, because they’re always thinking about or working on their business.These 5 steps will change your life.

7 THINGS TO STOP DOING NOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS – An entrepreneur’s work is never done. No words have been truer! Even with the advent of the internet and all the newest technology, it seems our to-do lists never get shorter. Stopping these seven things will grow y0ur business.

CHILDREN AT RISK – SPEAKING OUT AND DRIVING CHANGE FOR CHILDREN – The focus of the Children at Risk presentation is to raise awareness and teach tools to help identify harmful behavior and risky activities of at risk males. This workshop will teach of at-risk males how to be empowered.

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