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Renee Ostertag

Travels from: Denver, Colorado

Body Intelligence Expert, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Professional Speaker.


Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Body Intelligence, work/life balance, pain management, aging.

I help teachers, healthcare providers, aging populations and corporations develop their body intelligence, so they can live a healthy, vibrant life on their terms.

Renee Ostertag

Fun Facts About Renee

Things I can’t live without: Oxygen, Love and Pizza

My favorite piece of advice: You can do anything for six months – just give it a try and see what happens

Describe yourself in one word: Resilient

One thing you would like to check off your bucket list? Sing in a Swiss Yodeling festival.

Things I love: My dog, my life, the people in it, a challenge and a nap afterwards

She inspires conversations around Body Intelligence, enabling people to understand and resolve their physical pain, improve mental health and enhance their social well-being.

Dr. Renee uses stories, humor and real life case studies, while teaching self-management exercises and tools to give people immediate, tangible and actionable take-aways that work immediately to think and feel better in their bodies.

She is an international speaker that brings 20 years of clinical and speaking experience to the stage, keeping your audience engaged and active from start to finish.

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Phone: 303-578-0262



“Be Good to your Body: Ergonomics that Transform Pain into Gain”. This presentation is designed for surgeons, office workers, or anyone whose work life demands a forward head position. Learn optimal postures, positions and strategies to prevent and manage neck and back pain at work.

“Triumph over Burnout: Burnout is inevitable when our physiology is operating in fight/flight/freeze for long periods of time. This keynote presentation uses humor and story to show how pain, stress, and anxiety can affect body, mind and quality of life.

Audience members will learn commonsense strategies and actionable tools that immediately shift them back to regulated, dynamic equilibrium as they encounter daily stressors of the world.

A-Z guide to Body Intelligence: feel better, think smarter, and love your body again. Body intelligence includes somatic awareness, understanding and interaction with the body. Hidden stress and anxieties take a toll on the body, developing pain and other disease over time. Learn strategies and tools to stop living in Fight, Flight and Freeze circuitry.. giving you back a relaxed muscle body, a clear mind, and greater capacity to live your intentional life.

This signature talk interweaves all aspects of Body Intelligence with neurobiological self-care strategies, modern pain sciences, and other biohacks to deliver an insightful, action-oriented toolbox that audience members can immediately benefit from.