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Sabina ZunguzeConsultant and Professional Speaker

Travels from: Tampa, Florida USA

Topics: Marketing and Leadership

I help women business owners reach global markets so they can expand their businesses


For the past 15 years, Sabina Zunguze has made it her life’s mission to empower women business owners to prosper by providing their businesses access to global markets. She has worked with women business owners in Africa and beyond to sustainably grow their business to the USA market.

Her passion has also been to enhance the understanding of those wishing to work with women in the developing world to successfully understand cultural issues, social responsibility and sustainability issues through her training, consulting and speaking platforms. Sabina is a Zimbabwe native and has lived in the USA for almost 30 years. She has been recognized and honored for her work since 2005.



1. Expanding Your Global Reach: Doing business with women business owners in Africa.

This topic includes considerations of sustainable practices in empowering women in the developing world. Adding culture in the adaptation of sustainable business practices in uplifting economic status of women in Africa and re-thinking micro-funding programs as an answer to uplifting economic status of women in Africa.

2. International Business – Africa and the USA – Why Trade?

This topic includes cross-cultural considerations for foreign businesses to maximize returns and optimize sustainability in doing business in Africa. The speech includes effects of the rise of the digital age and communications in Africa

3. So you want to go global? Considerations for African Business Owners in navigating the Global Markets.

This topic includes global readiness (strategic plan, market research and learning the international environment), Export/import capabilities (communication, building capabilities, distribution, quality management, packaging, and labeling), Export/import transactions, and Resource management.


“Sabina is dedicated and passionate about social business. Her networking abilities and attention to detail impressed me as she created and managed her businesses. She is also an exceptional salesperson very capable at communicating her brand and products.” David Erickson, Emerging Markets Consulting

“Sabina is a hands-on entrepreneur who represents her clients with style, cheer, and sincere belief in their creations”. – Rebecca Guevarra, Author, Mentor, Editor



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