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Steven Roberts

Professional Speaker, Trainer, #1 Bestselling Author, Mentor

I help parents and students find money for college so they can attend college and improve their lives.


Steven C. Roberts has been a guest on over 600 radio stations and featured in over 300 media outlets with his powerful message and his #1 Bestselling book, Winning the Money Game in College – Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better!

Steven was personally the recipient of 11 scholarships and grants, two prestigious scholarships, and other resources to pay for college – and was actually given MORE money than the cost of his education.  He has the proven tools to save you the cost of a college education, and is sharing these verified resources with people all across the country. Steven Roberts holds a bachelors degree from Brigham Young University. He has been featured in:

  • Bloomberg Business
  • Business Weekly
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Dow Jones Market Watch
  • Morningstar
  • And More!


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Paying for College without Debt: Any Major and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better!

Personal Finance Made Simple: Save Money. Get Out of Debt. Make Your Life Easier.

Career Development: The Purpose-Filled Life, Use Your Talents to Get Paid!

Leadership Made Simple: You Need Direction to Where You are Going.

School Success: Achieve Better Grades in Less Time and Succeed in School.


“I found over $262,000 in money available for college because of what [Steven] taught.” – Bryce, College Student

“[What Steven teaches] should be required for anyone going to college. It is invaluable information that all students need to know prior to enrolling. – Paul Ray, Utah House of Representatives

“[Steven] is loaded with proven strategies to lower college costs, get an excellent education, and graduate debt-free. Wow!” – Brian Tracy, Author of “Goals!” and a Professional Speaker

“If you are looking for an exceptional guest, speaker, or presenter for your show or organization, you should invite Steven C. Roberts to your event… Steven is incredibly passionate, responsive, articulate, and just plain amazing. He taught and engaged my audience with such a high-level of interest that I was just blown away…. Steven took a topic that figuratively has been rehashed many times, and made it new and exciting… Steven was an amazing guest that I would be honored if he came back to the Kevin Zimmerman Show.”  – Kevin Zimmerman, The Kevin Zimmerman Show, audience size: 125,000+

“Steven was a presenter at [our] High School (one of the largest in the state) regarding some strategies students and parents can use to make college more affordable. … As part of my job as a high school counselor, I regularly advise students and help them prepare for college and point them to scholarships and other resources; I learned several new ideas and methods from Steven for helping the students I advise and even my own children. … After Steven spoke, several parents and students requested when they could hear him in other presentations he was giving in the near future – Steven definitely made an impact for our students and parents.” – April Sagala, Counselor, Jordan High School

“I have been really impressed from what I have learned from Steven since I have discovered the wealth of knowledge he has to offer. … It is not very often that you find someone who has such pertinent advice about various concepts which can be instantly applicable to one’s life. Just by applying a couple of the principles I learned from him within a few minutes, I was able to save just over $2,000 that same day! I know it sounds like it may not be possible to have such an inspiring person, but Steven has diligently done his research and thoroughly understands many concepts which other people don’t fully comprehend even after earning multiple of prestigious scholastic degrees. I feel that Steven is not only a wonderful writer, but he is also just as uniquely talented to be able to communicate in very understandable terms to many different age groups.” – Brad, College Student