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Theresa Rose

Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Author, and Hardcore Hoopdancer


Theresa is a nationally-acclaimed inspirational performer, engagement expert and award-winning author that helps reinvigorate teams, increase productivity and create fun, “get-to” cultures. Oh yeah, she’s also a hardcore hoopdancer! Thanks to Stella, her trusty hula hoop, she lost 50 pounds; more importantly, they didn’t find her again!

Some of Theresa’s professional highlights include:

• Delivering an electrifying TEDxTalk called “The Hoop Revolution”
• Being named a top five finalist in the National Speakers Association’s “So You Think You Can Speak?” competition
• Winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award and the Living Now Book Award
• Elected President of the National Speakers Association – Minnesota Chapter
• Recipient of the Next Level Award and Volunteer of the Year Award from the National Speakers Association – Minnesota Chapter
• Interviewed by, NBC, Glamour, Fitness, Women’s Day and many others

Career Highlights
From being a fourteen year-old working in the Mickey D’s drive-thru to managing $100 million in annual revenue, Theresa has had a varied, eclectic professional background including Senior Manager of Marketing and Product Development for a Fortune 100 company, management consultant, successful entrepreneur, and alternative healing professional.

In addition to the many articles she has contributed online, she is also the author of several books, training courses, and recordings including:

• Opening the Kimono: A Woman’s Intimate Journey Through Life’s Biggest Challenges
• Start Now, Grow Big
• Bits of Bigness: Inspirational Nuggets to Remind You of Your Magnificence
• Start Now, Grow Big for Direct Sales Audio Training Course
• Bigness Meditation: A Guided Journey with Theresa Rose

Theresa knew early on in life that she would become a motivational speaker when Mr. Moseman, her second grade teacher from Central Park Elementary School in Roseville, Minnesota, gave her the “Most Enthusiastic” award. She hasn’t stopped pumping people up ever since.



Finding Your Mojo: How to Get Your Sexy On Both Inside and Out

What’s your Sexy Quotient? Are you workin’ it, or is it workin’ you? Sexy isn’t about looks, weight or cup size; it’s about radiating confidence and competence that will get you noticed in all of the right ways by all of the right people. Most importantly, celebrating your sexy will increase your joy and have you loving not only what you do, but who you are. Get the recipe for a sexy business and a sexy life with this tasty cocktail of inspiration, education, and entertainment! Theresa and Stella, her sparkly hula hoop, will help you get your sexy back!

Lessons From the Hula Hoop: How to Live, Work and Move in Joy!

Have you become a stress bunny with too much to do and not enough time to do it? If so, you’ve lost your mojo! Join nationally-acclaimed speaker and empowerment expert Theresa Rose as she shares with you lessons on how you can live, work and move from a place of joy instead of struggling in a state of overwhelming stress. By living and working from a joy-centered perspective, you will increase engagement, improve your health and well-being, and get motivated to live the purposeful, juicy life you desire and deserve! This fun, highly-memorable program will keep attendees laughing while they learn.

Manage Your Time Without Losing Your Mind

We all know about “Time Management”, that dreaded art/science where we are supposed to become productivity machines, accomplishing as many high priority tasks as fast as humanly possible. How’s that been working for you? Are you getting everything done you wanted? Are you spending your time wisely, or does it feel like it is being wasted? More importantly, are you spending your time joyfully? If you are tired of constantly running on the hamster wheel of life without much to show for your efforts, maybe a different approach is in order. In this lively, highly interactive program, Theresa offers several effective approaches you can employ to do more with the hours in your day while maintaining a sense of balance and happiness.


Theresa will lead an all-ages, all-abilities dance party complete with hoops and disco! This spirited session gets people off their chairs and moving in joy! It’s a great way to promote wellness, reinvigorate attendees, and bring some much-needed fun to conferences.


“Theresa has an amazing, unique speaking style because she talks with the familiarity and ease of your best friend, if only your best friend gave such brilliant advice! Her openness in sharing her own life experiences allowed me to connect with her message and see situations in my own life where her discoveries could be really helpful. Aside from the bounty of useful advice, Theresa knows how to have fun. She was hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud alongside the rest of the audience because her delivery was infused with humor, which kept it very enjoyable and lighthearted.” – Angela Sauro-Davis, President, Sunrise Chapter, American Business Women’s Association

“Thank you for being with us throughout the day at our Second Annual Conference for the Council of Professional Women in Banking and Finance. Your message as our concluding speaker really resonated with the attendees and, through your humor and straight talk, made a lasting impression on them. Many have told us what they are going to do to change their lives as they take your message to heart.” 
- Kathleen Murphy, President/CEO, Maryland Bankers Association

“Your keynote presentation at the CREW Richmond 2014 Leadership Summit was exactly what I had hoped for when we selected you to headline our event! You were inspiring, relevant, and full of energy! We loved your ideas reminding us that what we do is our choice, and about how we have the power to bring joy to our lives. You were a pleasure to work with- agreeing to not only be our keynote featured speaker, but also presenting a workshop on Time Management and also facilitating a discussion with our panel of extraordinary women. Your rapport with the audience was fantastic- you have a knack for getting everyone engaged. Thank you for all you did to make our Leadership Summit such a success!” – Sandra Rhodes Whitehead, CREW Richmond 2014 Chapter President

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