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Consultant & SpeakerTJ Walton

Travels from: Sacramento, CA

Topics: Educational Consulting-Leadership, Management, Moving up the Career Ladder, Navigating the Educational System, Customer Service, Embracing Diversity in the Workplace, Coaching Skills to Build Your Portfolio, Understanding Microaggressions, Team Building Skills, Re-Organization-Rethinking staffing groups

I help others build skills so they can be more effective as leaders and team members.


TJ is an educator who has expertise in coaching, mentoring, professional development and training in several areas.
Her background includes working as an executive administrator and a part-time instructor in the California Community College and state university systems.

She helps groups develop stronger team building skills in order to work better; coaches groups and individuals to be more effective leaders; helps groups learn communication techniques to improve relationships and has spoken to various groups and provided services to individual participants.


Building and Designing your own portfolio Being your best You Now-this workshop can be tailor-made to suit various audiences. This is a self-help presentation that shows women, (professional or single) to find their best skills and talents and develop them. It teaches participants to enhance existing skills, build self-esteem and confidence

Teambuilding  This session deals with customized modules for each group to improve team relations in the workplace or within an organization.

Professional Development – Coaching staff through a series of customized training modules to improve their management and leadership skills

Leadership – Sessions that promote how to be a better leader, defining leadership and understanding leadership, assessing if leadership is the role one should pursue

Management – Sessions that improve management skills to improve work relationships with staff members and ways to become a better manager. Key components of communication are covered. Participants are engaged in 90% of the sessions.

Communication – The Critical Link to Success in Organizations-this is a series of sessions that deal with how to build trust in organizations. As a singular speaking topic, strands of this topic are used based on the audience

Understanding Microagressions – Sorting through communication in the workplace-This workshop is designed to help participants understand microaggressions and manage it with an end goal to dismiss it in the workplace.

Navigating the higher educational system as a single mom – This session is a shared experience for single women to assist hem in completing their journey as they continue their educational goals as a single mom. This is a motivational session that equips participants with tools for their toolbox.


I have spoken to numerous groups and am ready to do more of this work. I want to branch out from education and work with other groups. My clients and audiences have asked me to conduct repeat sessions and return to do the same session or other sessions.

I am a confident speaker who brings her personal experience into the room to help engage learners and participants in a way that they can appreciate and grow from the experience.



Phone: 916-430-0746