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Profile - Tony Guthrie - Grow Your Speaking Business

Profile – Tony Guthrie

Tony Guthrie

Speaker, Author, Blogger

I help People Discover and Develop the Key Connection and Communication Skills so they can Strengthen and Preserve Life’s Vital Personal and Professional Relationships.

Topics: Relationships, Marriage, Presentation Skills


Tony Guthrie, PhD is a blogger, speaker, and author specializing in helping people preserve and strengthen their most vital relationships.

As a divorced Christian minister Tony has learned firsthand what causes partners in marriage to experience stress, sadness, and the sense of hopelessness. Tony has “been there, done that” in very real and personal ways. He also has discovered what works in the professional environment to enhance professional camaraderie.

Remarried and enjoying the best of a loving marital relationship Tony now shares his experience, his spiritual insights, and from in-depth studies of successful relationships. He is both serious and humorous. Tony reminds us of “what we know we should do but oftentimes don’t.”

As a blogger at, Tony enjoys sharing practical and spiritual insights to help as we face life’s challenges. He also provides direction on being all we can be on a journey we call “life.”

With a mission of helping people development and strengthen key relationships Tony will inspire and encourage his readers and listeners by providing practical and “do-able” tips and skills.


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Enjoying the “Almost” Perfect Marriage: Understanding and Utilizing the Marital Connection Keys – Obviously no marriage is perfect but any marriage can be “almost” perfect. In this presentation Tony will emphasize the vital keys to remain connected, on the same page, and increase the chances of keeping the loving feeling in a marriage.

The Key Reasons Marriages Fail and How to Avoid Them: How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage – Most everyone knows the 2 or 3 BIG reasons marriages fail. Professional Speaker and Author Tony Robbins has earned 100s of millions of dollars telling people what they already know about being successful in life. And when it comes to marriage, even though we tend to know the things that can cause tremendous damage, many couples do not strive to make sure their marriages are protected against them. In this presentation, Tony shares from his personal experience how to preserve the joy of marriage. Any marriage can be “almost” perfect.

Avoiding Work Place Tension: Getting Along with Co-Workers – The office or workplace environment can have its moments of stress caused by strained relationships among colleagues and peers. This s something all employees, managers, and CEOs know very well. Preserving “esprit de corps” can be challenging at times. In this serious, yet lighthearted, presentation Tony shares the vitally necessary methods related to workplace respect and camaraderie.


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“Tony is one of the most engaging and practical speakers I have ever contacted and hired. He is humorous but weaves the serious aspects into his presentations in the most interesting ways. He is a gifted teacher and communicator.” – Lee Barnett, PhD. Former President Legacy Christian University