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Rekha Gibbons - Grow Your Speaking Business

Rekha Gibbons

President of Generational Guru, Keynote Speaker. Author. Advisor

Rekha Gibbons

“I help Companies, Schools and Individuals Survive and Thrive in the MultiGeneration Workplace”

Travels From: NJ, global and virtual 

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Rekha Gibbons

About Rekha Gibbons

Rekha Gibbons is a keynote speaker that demystifies how each generation is wired. She is an award-winning Wall Street Alumna who climbed the corporate ladder from Temp to C-Suite. She has witnessed 4 decades of Marketing Technology evolution. She has worked with and led all 5 generations in Publishing, Finance, Digital Marketing, Automotive & Luxury.
Rekha brings a unique methodology as a speaker. She brings her degree in Industrial Psychology with 36 years in Corp America and weaves the teachings of Professional & Personal Development masters from Abraham Hicks to Zig Zigler. She is a Keynote Speaker, Advisor to Fortune 500 companies and Author of the upcoming book: The OG’s Guide to the Multigeneration Workplace.
She lives in NJ with her husband and their 3 legged rescue dog. When she’s not inspiring people, she runs marathons across the globe in pursuit of peak experiences.


Topics: Conflict Resolution, Developing Skills to Succeed in the Modern Workplace, Demystifying Generations, Leadership Across Generations

Demystifying Generations: How to Survive and Thrive in the Multigeneration Workplace.

 Did you know 46% of organizations suffer from disharmony between their employees as a result of generational conflict? 38% of employees resign from a job due to onsite job conflict? There are 5 distinct age groups in the workforce today with different values, styles and stereotypes. Rekha Gibbons, the Generational Guru walks through how each Gen is uniquely wired by the technology, economy and social values. Attendees benefit by understanding the value that each generation brings to the workplace, how to communicate with each generation and the fastest way to reduce conflict and turnover. Attendees gain knowledge of not only Surviving the Workplace, but ways to Thrive.

Super Niching Skills to Succeed in the Multigeneration Workplace.

Do you have what it takes to escalate to the top of the hiring field? Did you know 90% of hires are based on exceptional communication skills? Do you know the first step to ensure a rapid & successful career? Rekha Gibbons, Career Coach and Speaker leads entrants into the workforce in this dynamic and fast-paced session. Attendees will learn the #1 Workforce Skill, How to Fastrack Your Trajectory for Success, Power Tools to Find a Job & Advance your Career. This session helps attendees leverage their education and layer proven professional experience to catapult them to the top.

Cracking the Code: How Technology has Shaped each Generation.

We live in a Digital Renaissance, an explosion of marketing channels and technology. But we forget that each generation was the early adopter to the technology of their day. In this myth-busting session attendees will learn how each generation was influenced by the technology of their day, the best channel to communicate with each generation, how technology has altered our brains over time and what to expect from emerging technologies such as AI.



"Nobody is doing what Rekha Gibbons does. She extrapolates from decades of hands-on business experience and translates it into skills young generations need to succeed, and in language that resonates. She blew away my class of PhD and Masters students. Talk about inspirational!" - Dr. Mele Kramer, Director, Industrial, and Organizational Psychology M.A. Program. Montclair State University - Psychology Department




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