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Robert Wylie - Grow Your Speaking Business

Robert Wylie

Teacher, Author, Public Speaker

Robert Wylie

“I teach how to be safe, happy, and free.”

Travels From: Rexburg, Idaho and Virtual 

Robert Wylie

About Robert Wylie

Robert Wylie lives in Rexburg, Idaho with his sweetheart, partner and wife, Catrina. Where they own and operate DPPDefense.

Robert has studied predators, personal defense and weapon craft skills for over the last three decades and is the author of “Defense against Frogs, Dogs and Humans (and everything in between)”


Topics: Personal Safety and Spiritual Healing

Predator identification

How to identify the different types of predators and how to deal with each type. This includes physical attacks, manipulation, and fraud.

Hope and healing after a suicide or suicide attempt

I share my personal experience of overcoming my self-harming thoughts and losing every member of my team to suicide.



"I thought it was really good. My dad has always raised me with books like this, so I was able to kind of compare it to others that I’ve read and I thought it had a lot of social information that most other books missed. It was actually really nice finally being able to label the feelings I would get around certain people! I guess what I learned the most was to trust my instincts when watching a potentially dangerous situation." - Sandra B.




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