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Sharise Nance - Grow Your Speaking Business

Sharise Nance

Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Consultant, Facilitator, and Author

Sharise Nance

“I help organizations prevent Leadership Burnout and Compassion Fatigue so they can improve staff retention and prioritize work work life integration.”

Travels From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “Virtual”

Sharise Nance

About Sharise Nance

Sharise Nance is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trauma Specialist, Workshop Facilitator, Global Speaker, Award Winning and Serial Author and Entrepreneur. She is the co-owner and founder of HandinHand Counseling Services, LLC and has over 20 years of experience assisting individuals, couples and families see beyond energy depletion, hopelessness, panic, guilt and feeling overwhelmed and assists them in making a shift to a place of peace, joy, clarity and satisfaction.

Sharise also dedicates her efforts to running Vitamin C Healing, LLC an organization that helps companies prevent Leadership Burnout and Compassion Fatigue using a trauma sensitive and systems approach to create a supportive work culture that prioritizes work life balance and integration.

With considerable experience speaking at keynotes, workshops, and seminars for helping professionals, mental health leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe, she strives to equip individuals with the tools to tolerate the high demands of work and life, imposter syndrome as well as manage and prevent compassion fatigue and burnout in order to live happy, fulfilled lives and careers.

Sharise is also the founder and creator of the S.W.A.G. Awards: Social Worker Appreciation of Greatness Awards, to honor the “heart work” of local social workers in the Greater Pittsburgh area who often go unappreciated and unrecognized.

She is the proud wife of William Nance, and during her spare time she enjoys running half marathons, reading, watching sports, traveling, and trying new foods.


Topics: Compassion Fatigue, Leadership Burnout, Entrepreneur Burnout, Staff Burnout

From Booked and Busy and Burned Out to Resourceful, Restored and Re-Centered

A keynote for the working class professional who struggles with prioritizing their wellness needs and work-life integration which often results in overwhelm, hopelessness, apathy, exhaustion and burnout. In this keynote, the audience will learn strategies for tolerating daily stressors, managing intense emotions, balancing various roles and demanding schedules using “The 5 Pillars of Self-Care” as a framework.

The Mental Cost of Being the Boss

A keynote designed to bring awareness to the systematic impact of self-care neglect and burnout on leaders, offer a safe space for entrepreneurs and company leaders to learn strategies for managing emotional and mental exhaustion in order to experience more balance, satisfaction and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Your Purpose Will Propel You Forward

 tIn this keynote, the particiants will experience the power of connecting with their putpose using the P.E.A.K framework to give them the strength to propel forward despite adversity



"Sharise facilitated a workshop for our organization, a nonprofit that provides educational events for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Sharise worked with us to create a presentation that spoke to the specific realities of burnout as it relates to entrepreneurs. Before the workshop, Sharise was very responsive and always punctual. In just a short 60 minutes, Sharise provided an overview of the causes of burnout, factors to look out for in your daily life, breathing techniques, and strategies to combat burnout. The entrepreneurs that attended were fully engaged and provided us with very positive feedback following the event. I can't recommend Sharise enough!" - Ben Rubino, Ascender




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