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Shelley Kenow - Grow Your Speaking Business

Shelley Kenow

Author, Speaker, and Professional Development Provider

Shelley Kenow

“I help individuals change their perspective so they can have better mental health.”

Travels From: Virtual or Metro St. Louis, MO

Shelley Kenow

About Shelley Kenow

Shelley Kenow is a passionate 30-year veteran special educator. While she was teaching, she also provided professional development to other educators on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) document. Shelley continues educating educators on those topics and now also speaks to groups of parents and professionals outside of education. When she left full-time teaching, she felt led to write her book Those Who “Can’t…” Teach: True Stories of Special Needs Families to Promote Acceptance, Inclusion, and Empathy. Through her journey of interviewing families, she found another passion, speaking on all the limits people with disabilities are breaking through. Whether these are physical, economic, or mental limits, Shelley has hundreds of stories to share and she loves doing so.


Topics: Cognitive Bias, Special Education, Understanding Behaviors, Inclusion

Cognitive Bias-What is it and How Does it Affect the Workplace?

We all have cognitive biases that affect us in our daily lives. These biases affect our mental health. They drive how we respond to situations, how we think, and even how we work. Understanding what a cognitive bias is will help you in all aspects of your life and can greatly improve your mental health. Attendees will walk away knowing how these biases are formed, why we need to be aware of them, how we can identify them, and how to change them.

Special Education: Is it Worth It?

It has been almost 50 years since the first special education law was passed. Are things better for students who are eligible for special education? Has anything really changed? Is special education living up to its purpose and promises? What is the school-to-prison pipeline and how can we slow it down? This presentation answers those questions and many more!

Understanding Behavior: Lessons for a Lifetime

Every day our interactions are based on lots of different bits of information. Our behaviors are the communication of those bits of information. Not just our behaviors, but the behaviors of every person with whom we interact. Every behavior, positive or negative, is communicating something. How we respond to that communication will determine the outcome of the conversation. This professional development will teach you how to recognize your communication as well as those around you. Participants will learn ways to improve their mental health and make the work environment a place where everyone feels welcome and safe. This will create more wanted behaviors throughout your organization. Managers will learn how to reinforce good/positive behaviors and how to minimize negative/bad behaviors.


"It will help me think a little bit more before I react to a person. I hope it gives me more compassion for those that I am working with.”




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