Speaker Onesheet Design Portfolio

Having a Speaker Onesheet or also called a Speaker Sheet or One-Pager is the most important marketing tool you should always have on hand and on your website.

Check out our Speaker Onesheet Designs below

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Dee Colon Speaker Onesheet    Dee Colon Speaker Onesheet

Ellen Rogin     Ellen Rogin

Kris Reece     Kris Reece

Ken Cheadle     Ken Cheadle

D Justhy Onesheet     D Justhy Onesheet

Jeannette Bessinger      Jeannette Bessinger

Diana Elizabeth Jordan      Diana Elizabeth Jordan

Ahmard Vital Onesheet   Ahmard Vital Onsheet

Tasha Scott Speaker Onesheet        Tasha Scott Speaker Onesheet

Harold Burt       Harold Burt

Nettye Johnson Speaker Onesheet        Nettye Johnson Speaker Onesheet

Dr Tekemia Dorsey       Dr Tekemia Dorsey

Sherry Furlow          Sherry Furlow

     Anthony Fasano

Vladimire Calixte      Vladimire Calixte

Kelli Bradley     Kelli Bradley

Marietta Gentles Crawford    Marietta Gentles Crawford

Donny Ingram    Donny Ingram

Andre Butler Onesheet     Andre Butler Onesheet

Aaron Montgomery     Aaron Montgomery

Ravi    Ravi

Rick Stephenson Onesheet      Rick Stephenson Onesheet

Roel Sarmago onesheet      Roel Sarmago onesheet

Dr Beverly Browning      Dr Beverly Browning

Elinor Stutz         Elinor Stutz

John Rose Speaker Onesheet        John Rose Speaker Onesheet

Vaneese Johnson Speaker Onesheet        Vaneese Johnson Speaker Onesheet

Vladimire Calixte        Vladimire Calixte

Lyndy Phillips Speaker Onesheet         Lyndy Phillips Speaker Onesheet

snapshot1       Carol Mortarotti

Larry McKenzie        Larry McKenzie

Vladimire Claxite       Vladimire Claxite

Miguel de Jesus      "Stacey Alcorn"

Order Onesheet $99


Wendi is phenomenal. She is very responsive and will not quit until you are happy with the results. Could you ask for more? Wendi, you are a gem.” – Vladimire Calixte, Guest Expert on FOX News Radio, CBS Radio, ABC & TLC, Relationship Expert, Author & Empowerment Speaker, www.LifeRebuilding.com 

The service Wendi provided was top quality. I only wish I hired her sooner because my new Speaker Onesheet is definitely going to get me more bookings!” – Carol Mortarotti, Speaker, Co-Author and Business Strategist, www.CarolMortarotti.com