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Speaking Resources

The Speaker Biz Building Bundle!

Get all my video kit courses, templates, creators, and organizer for ONLY $47!

Speaking Business Bundle

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Exclusive Offer: Unlock the Ultimate Speaker Business Bundle! This comprehensive package comes with templates, a creator, an organizer, and training videos, featuring my specialized “kits.” 

Discover the secrets of securing speaking gigs with my unique kits, learn how to turn a single gig into a recurring $60K opportunity, optimize your meeting planner page, price your speaking engagements correctly, and even create your very own one-sheet course. This bundle is your ticket to elevating your speaking business to new heights! 

Speaker Programs and Tools

Speaker onesheet

DFY Speaker One Sheet Designs

I've been crafting meticulously designed one sheets for speakers over 18 years. These are not just mere documents, but a powerful tool in a speaker's marketing arsenal.

Speaking for pay

Speaking for Pay

A crash course for beginners. Designed with beginners in mind, this course walks you through seven actionable steps to help you transition from a passionate speaker to a sought-after, paid professional.

Booked Gigs Course

The Booked Gigs Course

A four-step pathway to success. I'll walk you through each stage, demonstrating how to uncover speaking leads and successfully convert them into confirmed bookings.

speakers website

Website Worksheet and Guides Bundle

Includes: Dedicated Planner Page Guide with Examples, Value Proposition Worksheet, Speaker Packages & Pricing Guide + Worksheet, Pre-Event Questionnaire form.

Pitch your speaker proposals

Your Kit to Pitch-Perfect Proposals

Includes the conference proposal template, fictional fill-in-the-blank template, comprehensive checklist, budgeting worksheet and recommended tools and more.

Speaker Proposals

Speaker Proposal Emails

You're armed with a tool that simplifies your outreach while maximizing the chances of a positive response. Every successful booking begins with a well-crafted email!

Craft a Speaker Bio Guide & Template

Craft a Speaker Bio Guide & Template

A guide and template that will help you stand out from the crowd with a bio that captures attention and sells you as the perfect speaker.

Keynote Speech Outline

Keynote Speech Outline

Unlock the power of effective communication with our expertly crafted keynote talk outline. Elevate your next presentation.

30 speaker templates

30 Done for You Templates

Every template you will ever need to grow your speaking business and get booked is inside this speaker template bundle.

Work with Wendi

With a rich experience spanning over twenty years, I have been assisting speakers, just like you, to kick-start their careers and secure coveted spots on various stages. I’ve had the privilege to guide countless speakers, enabling them to realize their true potential and watch as their speaking businesses flourish.

If you find yourself feeling uncertain or overwhelmed, unsure of how to navigate the maze of launching your speaking career, please know that you’re not alone – and you’ve come to the perfect place.

The road to success can often seem complicated and intimidating, but together, we can conquer these obstacles.

What I offer here isn’t just the technical support to get your business off the ground, but also a community that genuinely understands your journey. 


Wendi McNeill

My team and I strive to create an environment that fosters growth, learning, and connection, making sure every speaker feels valued and empowered.

So whether you’re just taking your first tentative steps or looking to expand your existing reach, remember this: we’re in this together. Let’s roll up our sleeves, dive in, and make your dream of becoming a successful speaker a reality! Let’s do this!