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Finding the Right Speaking Gigs Workshop with Wendi

There are thousands of speaking opportunities every day; some are paid, and some are free. But, the question is are they the right speaking opportunities for you? I teach you how to find the speaking gigs that are a fit for you. Knowing what you're going after and staying consistent is KEY.

speaking gigs

Recurring $60,000 Monthly From One Free Speaking Gig!

I’m going to teach you the possibilities of leveraging free speaking events. After listening and implementing what you’ve learned in my masterclass, you won’t even care or stress anymore about finding events that pay you a stage fee. Click the link below to start your training.

The Charli Jane Speakers Club

Get access to 1,000 + speaking leads. $15/week

Get access to my signature club established in 2005! You have immediate access to 1,000 + speaking opportunities already in the club. Plus, you get access to 400 new opportunities every month. Also included is the Booked Solid Success Path + Awesome Speaker Community.

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