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Star Hansen - Grow Your Speaking Business

Star Hansen

Clutter Whisperer, Certified Professional Organizer, Author, Speaker

Star Hansen

“I help successful badass people who feel like a hot mess to figure out why their clutter isn’t going away so they can finally clear the chaos, and live a life of freedom, joy, and peace.”

Travels From: Santa Fe, NM and Virtual

Star Hansen

About Star Hansen

Star Hansen is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO©) and Clutter Whisperer on a mission to help you banish your personal Clutter Monster, take control of your stuff, and create a life you’re truly proud of. Star looks at the deeper meaning of your stuff to help you figure out WHY you feel overwhelmed by your clutter in the first place. Star’s best selling book, “Why the F*#@ Am I Still Not Organized?”, has inspired countless individuals to tackle their clutter head-on and find lasting solutions. She has appeared on over 30 TV shows, given a TEDx talk, and shared her fitted sheet folding secrets with Oprah & her fans. Her unique methodology has helped thousands of people get (and stay!) organized when nothing else worked.


Topics: Organization, Clutter, Revealing the genius buried in your clutter

Be the Boss of Your Chaos: Using Clutter to Unlock Your Greatest Potential

When no amount of joy-sparking has worked for your clutter… Discover the root cause of your chaos (instead of trying to force yourself into a vet-another one-size-fits-all organizing “system”) and release yourself from clutter’s grip…so that you can finally start living the life you were always meant to live.

Listen to the Monster in Your Closet: Meet the Monsters Keeping You Disorganized

If looking at clutter fills you with dread, you don’t need more bins, boxes, or “quick organizing hacks.” Chances are you’ve got a Clutter Monster hiding in your closet. Discover the REAL reasons your clutter won’t go away… so you can stop feeling paralyzed, get your stuff in order, and live your life.



I've always thought of myself as an effective leader, but I didn't begin to suspect half of who I could be. Since hearing Star speak, I see an unbelievable difference in the ways I relate to time, work, communications, priorities, life balance and relationships. Star is a rare treasure, and anyone who has the privilege of hearing her speak will be amazed!" -Elizabeth, Health Care Executive




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