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Stephanie Duguid - Grow Your Speaking Business

Stephanie Duguid

Leadership and Success Speaker, Coach and Educational Consultant

Stephanie Duguid

“I help stuck and stagnant individuals develop their personal strengths so they can become dynamic and motivating leaders.”

Travels From: Jackson, Mississippi and Virtual

Stephanie Duguid

About Stephanie Duguid

Dr. Stephanie Duguid is a lifetime educator, health and wellness specialist, avid speaker, coach, and leader. She is a native Texan from Sugar Land outside of southwest Houston. She was raised in a Christian home with a very loving single mom who was my biggest influence and the typical Texas woman until her untimely tragic death in 2001. I found impact and influence through the experience working to find the positive light after a dark experience.

She has over 30 years in education at both K12 and post-secondary levels as an instructor and administrator with over 20 years of experience as a speaker at various national conferences and organizations.

As the founder of Do Good Leadership, she is a speaker, coach, and consultant that strives to help individuals become intentional in developing goals, purposeful in reaching their full potential, and helps to solve barriers and challenges. She works with individuals to develop personally, prioritize goals, and create plans through making attainable steps along the way. She has a daily focus of having a positive attitude and being kind to everyone. She is excited to be a part of your journey through motivational moments, empowering individuals, engaging opportunities, and personal transformations.


Topics: Leadership, Communication, Positivity and Mindset, Goal Setting and Planning

Communication Connection Just LEAD: Connecting through communication is a program that focuses on essential skills for effective customer service and instruction.

The diversity of people today can require individualized approaches to communication. This program will highlight differences and insight to understanding yourself and those around you for effective communication. Just LEAD: Listen, Encourage, Ask questions, and Deliver.

Transformation with GRIT and Grace: It is essential that individuals are receptive to Transformation with GRIT and Grace.

 By using Goals, Resilience, Intention, and Time (GRIT), one can find and feel success through the process of change. Although change can be uncomfortable and scary, by embracing and understanding the process, the results can be incredible.

High Fives and Good Vibes, It's Time to RISE: In the world today, it is easy to get frustrated, procrastinate, and have a negative attitude toward yourself, your job, and those around you.

This program will share strategies to 1) stop procrastinating, 2) start each day on a positive note, and 3) select one word that gives you purpose. It’s time to RISE: Using Reflection and Introspection for Self-Empowerment (RISE). By having a positive attitude, daily challenges can be seen as opportunities, while frustration and isolation can turn into satisfaction and collaboration.


"Dr. Duguid Improves Lives Through Learning: It has been my great pleasure to have collaborated with Dr. Duguid on a number of projects and speaking engagements during my tenure in multiple roles serving higher education. Without exception, her integrity, credibility and commitment to advancing educational outcomes have been evident. Clear, concise and engaging - and backed by data and experience - Stephanie inspires and challenges her audience to reflect on, develop and execute practices aligned to their institution's goals, population and policies." - Brian Buckley, Higher Education Consultant



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