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Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re new to professional speaking or very experienced, you can’t get enough practice at your art.  Toastmasters has a tried-and-true program that walks you through the basic, intermediate and advanced stages of preparing and delivering a wide variety of presentations. Go Local If you haven’t been there yet, locate, call and find out how […]

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Increase your Reach with a Service Organization

The path to becoming a paid professional speaker is paved with speaking gigs.  You need “stage time” to polish your act, to find and share your authentic voice, to become a seasoned storyteller.  And while you’re working your way up, practice with free engagements.  Contact 5 local service clubs or business associations You can find […]

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Connecting with Associations

For each target audience you feel you serve, find associations that benefits or consists of your target audience.  Seek them out.  To earn their admiration, present new strategies and skills to help improve their industry and the skills of the participants. The key here is how you can benefit them, set aside how they can […]

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The Top 3 Website Banner Mistakes For FB

3 Essential Ways To Fix Your Speaker Website Banner Today

Why aren’t you getting the page views you need for bookings and sales? In today’s world of online information & image overload, you have a nanosecond to grab your viewers’ attention and to start building trust. Once they land on your website, you must have a clear, visually sticky banner to pull them in immediately […]

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