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Podcast Appearances

Are Podcast Appearances a Relevant Promotion Strategy for Speakers?

Add podcast appearances to your marketing mix. With so many ways to achieve my mantra of “being everywhere, all at once,” some of you might wonder what the most effective strategies are for building your brand and your speaking business.  In short, you want to know which marketing and promotion tactics will deliver the most bang […]

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Unleash the Power of Your Story

Storytelling is an essential aspect of speaking as it allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Additionally, it allows you to convey your message in a relatable and memorable way, making it more likely that your audience will retain the information and be moved to take action.  Storytelling also helps you […]

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Why Consistency is Everything As a Speaker

Why Consistency is Everything As a Speaker

I often meet speakers that tell me they struggle to secure gigs. After doing a little more digging with them, the same issue always pops up, time after time. No one knows who they are.  It’s not that they don’t have a good speaking website, or that they don’t have any published articles. It’s about […]

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speaker demo video

Above and Beyond the Speaker Demo Video

You are taking your viewer on a journey. Believe it, or not the viewers of your speaker demo video want you to tell them what to do, including the meeting organizer who has the power to hire you. So, it’s your job as a speaker to take their hand and take them on that journey, starting […]

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