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Public Speakers

Public Speakers do you have a high mingle quotient?

“Building a great speaking career happens through developing human relationship connections, not just delivering a good speech.” Have you ever watched another speaker who was receiving standing ovations, great interaction from the audience, and rave reviews and wondered what they have that you don’t? They have strong presentation skills, but so do you. They have […]

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7 tips on working the networking groups

Networking functions just like those childhood “Connect-a-Dot” pictures. One person leads to another and another and, eventually, a new client or customer is revealed. But with all the networking groups that exist, which ones are best for you? And how can you get the most out of each mixer? The following seven networking tips will […]

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How to get noticed by meeting planners

What it takes to get noticed by meeting planners Relationships and Meeting Planners … What does it mean for you? A full speaking schedule! We all know that meeting planners are busy…busy…busy. Finding the perfect speaker for their event is not the only task they have and making their job easier in selecting a speaker […]

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