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10 ways writing articles can build your business! - Grow Your Speaking Business

10 ways writing articles can build your business!

writing articles

You are an expert in your field. Your potential clients and customers need to become aware of this important fact if they are to choose YOU over any competitors. How do you establish and market yourself as an expert? Writing articles on a regular basis and implementing them into your marketing strategies. This will do more than build credibility.

10 ways writing articles can build your business!

It will:

  1. Drive more traffic to your website site
  2. Help build your mailing list
  3. Increase your search engine ranking
  4. Help build your exposure
  5. Increase your potential incoming referral base
  6. Make the most of free advertising, while cutting your costs
  7. Expand your market image, brand exposure
  8. Reinforce the fact that you are an expert in your field
  9. Gain more potential clients
  10. Increase potential sales.

Further, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Readers can learn something, be entertained, find your wonderful products and services. Articles benefit the article directories and places you submit to by increase in their readership and traffic. You can obtain networking partners in your chosen field. Readers both near and far will feel like they know you a little which results in warmer leads.

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