Privacy policy and terms of use

Earning disclaimer

When addressing financial matters on our website, videos, social media, newsletters, sales pages, programs or any other materials, every effort has been made to accurately represent the product and its potential. However, Charli Jane Speaker Services does not guarantee that you will earn any money, increase your sales, be awarded any speaking jobs, get found, or increase your visibility using the techniques and strategies using the materials we provide or teach.

Examples in these material are not to be interpreted as a promise or any guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using the product, program, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a “get-rich” scheme. By purchasing any product or service offered by Charli Jane Speaker Services you accept, agree and understand that you take FULL responsibility for your progress and results in business.

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our material depends on your own personal commitment and the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your results, success or income level; nor are we responsible for any of your actions. We offer no professional, legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.


Charli Jane Speakers will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, use for its personal benefit or disclose, or communicate in any manner any information that is pertaining to its clients, except as necessary for us to provide our services to you. All of your information will be kept strictly confidential, unless you have agreed for its disclosure in relation to our provision of services to you. This provision shall remain effective even after the termination of all agreements and projects.

Upon termination of agreements, and upon the request of the client, we will return to our clients all documentation, records or other items that were used or created by Charli Jane Speakers for our clients during the term of our agreement.

General terms of services agreement

Fees for our coaching sessions must be pre-paid or worked out in payments per Charli Jane Speakers. If you need to work out payments for the coaching services please contact us.

e-Newsletter subscription opt-out

Charli Jane Speakers will from time to time send subscribers special announcements relating to company news, including new services or special offers. We promise not to send you any emails unless we have something important to announce, which we believe would be of benefit to you. We will not send you any SPAM emails. Only those who have subscribed to our mailing list will receive email notices from us. Subscribers may cancel their newsletter subscription at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link or by sending us an e-mail. Please ensure that you provide the e-mail address you subscribed with to unsubscribe.

Membership subscription agreement terms & conditions

Applicable for new and renewing members

Charli Jane Speakers reserves the right to deny or remove membership for anyone or to ban anyone from future access to our non-paid and/or paid resources and site areas. We will never discriminate based on your race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, age, or because you receive public assistance.

We have a general policy of declining to partner with or to accept Memberships from other businesses or business owners or individuals who are in a significantly similar business niche or offer significantly similar services to that of Charli Jane Speaker Services.

When signing up for a membership plan, it is implied that you have read, agreed and accepted the above and the following terms and conditions:


Cancellation is done on the part of the member by following these steps:

Credit Card Buyers: If you used your credit card to join us simply select the Cancel Button or send us an email to or message on Facebook. Please tell us you want to cancel, we will take care of it and you will get an email confirmation. You must cancel or notify us prior to your billing date. We do not refund partial months.

If you wish to reinstate your membership at any time please email us and we will get you going again.

Paypal Buyers: If you used PayPal to join us please follow the steps below.

  1. Cancel your billing subscription within your own PayPal account
  2. Email us at to let us know you have canceled your billing and that you wish to cancel your membership with us

*Please note that a failed billing does not cancel your membership or future billing attempts. Only following the above 2-step process will cancel your billing.

If you cancel after purchasing your yearly membership, there are no refunds given. Credits may be issued to be used for other Charli Jane Services and/or products. All credits will be prorated on a full-monthly basis from the day you signed up. This means that if you signed up and used 1 month of your membership, we will issue a credit to equal to 11 months of your membership level. If you cancel after a partial month has passed, you forfeit that as a full month, however, we will prorate for the rest of the membership term.

All membership levels are auto renewal. Please make a note and set a reminder when you are due for your billing because its automatic and no refunds are issued after renewal, only credits. We will do our best to remind you before billing occurs, but the non-receipt of a reminder from Charli Jane Speaker Services or from PayPal, our billing provider, does not constitute a reasonable expectation to be given a refund after renewal occurs. This is because reminders are delivered via email, and email only, and Charli Jane Speakers cannot guarantee the delivery, receipt, or reading of the emails 100% of the time due to circumstances beyond our control.

We reserve the right to issue credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a credit, we are under no obligation to issue the same or similar credit in the future.

Purchase cancellation on products or services

This is for purchases on Speaker OneSheet designs, social media designs and any other service or products offered by Charli Jane Speakers. There are no refunds once purchased. If you change your mind and do not want the service at the time of purchase a credit will be issued to be used within 12-months’ time. After 12-months, the credit will expire and be forfeited.

Current Charli Jane Speaker Members

If you cancel your monthly subscription with Charli Jane Speakers, you will lose your current rate and status. All speaker profiles will be removed and group privileges and access to the speaking leads and tools will be ended. No new monthly memberships are being offered at this time. Once cancellation occurs, members will be given the option of re-joining at the yearly rates only, and only if the member left in good standing.

If you are a current member and intentionally cancel to sign up again to get a special this is not allowed and you won’t be accepted under the special plan.

All subscriptions are automatically renewed after your yearly/monthly subscription expires.

Member agrees to be automatically billed and renewed every month/year on their anniversary date at the regular membership investment or the special rate according to the rate plan originally signed up for.

PayPal Buyers: If you went through PayPal to join us please make note that your account will be debited via PayPal Subscriptions year depending on your own subscription purchase. Your billing, cancellation and any updates are your responsibility and managed solely through PayPal. Charli Jane Speakers does not have access to your account and we cannot make updates, changes, or cancellations for you.

Credit Card Buyers: Your billing, cancellation and any updates are your responsibility. You will be notified if there is a failed billing attempt. If your card needs to be updated please let us know at We can send you a link to update yourself. Our failure to send you a link does not remove the responsibility on your part to make sure your Membership fees are paid in full and on time. Please make sure that you have whitelisted the billing systems’ email reminders for your renewal. We reserve the right to deny renewals for failed payments, to require pre-payment, and to decline Membership to anyone (please see above).

Yearly Members

This applies only to members who are paying on a yearly basis: All terms and agreements apply to you. Member agrees to be automatically billed and renewed every year at the regular membership investment or the special rate they originally signed up for.

Please note that when you sign up with us for a year at the regular rate or special rate there are no refunds and you will be a member for a full year and have access to all benefits. Although we do NOT give refunds you will be issued a credit on a prorated basis from the time you signed up to be used towards any future purchase with Charli Jane Speakers. You may cancel any time during your current subscription and you will not be billed the following year, as long as it is before you are to be billed for the new year. Please make note, there are no refunds once you sign up for a year or if you are automatically renewed there are no refunds until the end of your yearly subscription.

Failed billing

As per our terms of service you AGREE that Charli Jane Speakers may continue charging you for any service or product provided under your billing account UNLESS you have terminated your membership to the service and/or product.

In the event that member fails to make agreed upon yearly automatic payment or payment was denied from the payment processor, your membership will be automatically suspended immediately and all access to all Member benefits and privileges will also be suspended and profiles and all connections to Charli Jane Speakers will be removed. It is your responsibility to make sure your payments are being honored by PayPal Subscriptions. If payment has not been received within 5 calendar days after the first declination, your Membership will be cancelled.

Please note if you allow your membership to expire or we have a failed transaction and it is not resolved by you within 5 days and you wish to continue to be a member of Charli Jane, you will be required to sign up again at the regular member fee and any previous specials you may have had will be terminated.

If we receive more than 2 failed billings, we reserve the option to require pre-payment or to block future Membership to our programs or access to our services.

Membership fees are non-refundable.

Cancellation MUST be done no later than 3 business days prior to your next yearly membership fee is due to be sure your account is not debited. If you DO NOT cancel before your membership period expires, you will automatically be renewed and billed for a full quarter/year at the regular membership fee or at the special rate you signed up for. No refund will be allowed once billing takes place.

Once membership fees have been renewed, the payment process is irreversible so PLEASE make sure you cancel before you are renewed again.

Cancellation of Membership by Charli Jane Speaker Services

Membership may be cancelled by Charli Jane Speaker Services for any reason, at any time, at the sole discretion of Charli Jane Speaker Services. Membership will be cancelled if Member-only resources are shared by the Member or his or her support team with any non-paying person or organization. Membership will be cancelled if the Member or his or her support team is rude, unkind or otherwise antagonistic to any person on staff with or anyone associated with Charli Jane Speaker Services. Membership will be cancelled if the Facebook Group is misused in anyway. Membership will be cancelled if we find that a Member or his or her team is using someone else’s work without proper credit or attribution. If Membership is cancelled by Charli Jane Speaker Services due to any of the reasons above, we reserve the right to refuse a refunds and the Member may be blocked from all future participation in Membership, or publicly accessible resources or groups.

Member benefits

It is the member’s responsibility to immediately notify Charli Jane of any benefit they wish to utilize that is not functioning properly making it inaccessible: Ex. eCoaching, speaker profile listing, or any other benefit that has to be accessed outside of the main Charli Jane website. Charli Jane does, from time to time, send out notices to remind members of their benefits and to contact us for tips to utilize them. It is also the member’s responsibility to provide the requested information for the building of a personal profile page in the speakers’ directory. Our online Speaker Profile Submitter Form to submit or update your profile in our Speakers Directory can be found here. Please be aware of all the benefits that are available to you and make good use of them.

Expectation of Technical Support

Charli Jane Speaker Services does not guarantee any level of technical support. Our services and website are set up to be very simple, straightforward and easy to utilize. We will always do our best to make sure Members are able to utilize the services within the website and any other documents, links, interfaces, groups, software, etc. so that Members understand the workings of their Membership with us.

However, we do not provide in-depth technical support for Facebook, Google, Google Sheets, PayPal, SamCart, or any other third-party provider we use to deliver Member services and benefits. It is the sole responsibility of the Member to seek out the training and support to use those and other services not owned/operated by Charli Jane Speaker Services.

Support for a Member’s Team

We do not make any promises or guarantees to train a Member’s Team or Assistants to use our services or site. While we will help as we can, we consider it the sole responsibility of the Member to train his or her team members. We do not accept any responsibility for Members team members who are unable to utilize our services. We do offer extensive tips, videos and resources to help anyone with access to our site and services understand how they work and how to use them.

Please Note: We only allow one login per Speaker. Most everyone simply allows their team member to log in using his or her Member login. It is best to let us know who will be supporting you, in case there is something which needs to be done with the account, billing, document submission, etc. We will not share any account information with someone until we have your written permission. However, access remains on the one login to protect the integrity of the Member’s account.

Support Request Submission Policy

We require that support requests be emailed to We do not provide nor guarantee support through any other channels. We do not accept support requests through Facebook or any other social media channels.

Account changes

If you need to make changes to your account such as to advise us of a change of mailing address, phone, etc. please send us an email and we can make those changes for you immediately. It is your responsibility to make sure that your PayPal account, or any other billing method you’ve chosen, has sufficient funding sources to honor your agreed payment with us and to keep your credit card number or expiration date, if you use that source, up-to-date. If you used your credit card and didn’t go through PayPal we may be able to send you a link to do it yourself. Please email for assistance. We do not update billing manually.


At Charli Jane Speakers, we make every effort to ensure proper and timely billing. Should you suspect a billing error, please let us know right away. All disputes must be sent to us in writing at the following e-mail: and within 60 days of the suspected error in order to allow research and processing time. We may ask you to provide billing statements or other documentation. We will research the issue, and should a refund be necessary, we will promptly make the situation right.  However, remember that your billing is processed via PayPal Subscriptions and it is your responsibility to cancel the billing as we have no access to do so for you.

For further refund policies please see above under cancellations.

Copyright Material

Charli Jane Speaker Services reserves and maintains all rights to the materials published through our website and other channels which are authored, created or originated by Charli Jane Speaker Services, and/or Wendi McNeill. The content of Charli Jane Speakers’ public website, social media and any resources we create or author, are owned or licensed by Charli Jane Speakers and our trusted partners and is intended for paying members use only.

Any content that is in our subscription-based, paywall-protected download area is for members only and carriers a copyright by the author.

Members are only allowed to reprint certain content owned and copyrighted by Charli Jane Speaker Services and/or Wendi McNeill ONLY with prior written permission from Charli Jane Speakers or the author. If we learn that anyone is sharing our copyrighted materials without our consent, we will take every legal steps necessary to protect our product.


Charli Jane Speakers assumes no responsibility to the damage of the members’ or visitors’ computers or software. A member or a visitor who views or downloads material content or interacts with this site does so at his or her own risk.

Charli Jane Speakers Private and/or Group Coaching Agreement

Please read and understand the terms and agreement before signing up for any coaching programs. Please remember by singing up and purchasing any of our coaching programs you are agreeing that you understand and agree to the below terms and agreements.

Agreement made between Wendi McNeill, Owner, Charli Jane Speakers, referred to as “Coach” and “YOU” hereinafter known as “Client”.

Coach – Client relationship

Coach’s primary objective in this relationship is project oriented to help the Client move past barriers to business development, be available for brainstorming, provide some business education, listen objectively and supply objective feedback and ideas. As such, the Coach agrees to be direct and honest in her communications with Client. Likewise, Client agrees to provide honest feedback to Coach on his/her perceptions of the relationship and to abide by the conditions set in this Agreement.

Coaching is not therapy

Client understands that coaching services offered by Coach is not a substitute for therapy. Client understands that this Program includes what is stipulated in the above agreement.


Coach will not use Client information for the Coach’s benefit or communicate in any manner any information to a third party, with the exception of Coach’s administrative support, unless the Client provides oral or written permission. Although every precaution is taken, Client also agrees to hold harmless any wrongful technological problems associated with computers used to process Client’s information (i.e., computer hacking, spyware, etc.). Client will not reveal any personal stories shared by Coach or payment information to anyone unless written permission is given by Coach.

Results are the sole responsibility of the Client

Client agrees that Coach’s services are consultative in nature and that decisions made and actions taken, based on input or advice from Coach, are ultimately the complete responsibility of the Client and Coach shall have no liability or responsibility for any actions of client taken (or not taken) in connection therewith. Coach makes no guaranties or warranties, expressed or implied, as to results to be achieved, or as to the consequences of any actions taken or not taken by Client. Please remember that the only one who can move your career and life forward and make it better is you.

Payment agreements

Client agrees to pay for the payment option they signed up for and authorizes Coach to charge that amount to your payment choice upon signing up (credit card, check, PayPal, etc.). Client further agrees to be bound by this (6-12 month), non-cancellable commitment and agrees to abide by the program as described in the Agreement. Client agrees that by signing up for a coaching program, there are no refunds issued for the remaining days in your program or for payments already made to Charli Jane Speakers for your coaching program.

Coach reserves the right to modify this Agreement and such modifications shall be effective upon posting, by Coach, via email.

By signing up for any of Wendi’s coaching programs you agree that if you miss any scheduled coaching calls, without giving a minimum of 48-hours’ notice, you lose that call and cannot reschedule it. (Exception given for emergencies at the discretion of Coach). Client also understands that all in-person coaching days and coaching calls expire at the end of this Commitment Period.

Client understands that you are responsible for making and paying for your own travel and hotel arrangements for live, in-person events, meetings, and retreats.

Client understands that if the coaching program is cancelled by client no refunds are allowed and that the client will also be responsible for making continued and agreed upon payments until payment term is complete regardless if client chooses to continue or cancel their coaching program. The above terms are for clients who opted in to the easy pay option.

This agreement and performance hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nebraska. Sole venue and jurisdiction for any proceedings under this Agreement shall be in the state and federal courts located in Omaha, NE.

I have read the policies provided here and I agree to abide by the terms in this agreement. I understand my role and my coach’s role in this program and will ask questions to clarify anything I don’t understand prior to signing up for the coaching program. By signing up online via our secured shopping cart and making my payment signifies that I am fully satisfied in my understanding of this agreement, the coaching program I am agreeing to, and Charli Jane Speakers’ policies regarding the guarantees and warranties of the program.


Charli Jane Speakers cannot provide any warranties or guarantees of its services or advice provided on this site, expressed or implied, because so much depends on your willingness to help yourself. We do promise, however, to provide honest, quality service with grace and integrity and we hope you will enter into this relationship in a spirit of mutual benefit. We believe you will be satisfied with our service.

We look forward to building an honest, long-term business relationship with you. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Wendi McNeill

Phone: + 1 402 882 0097