Grow Your Speaking Business

3 of the Most Common Pricing Mistakes Made By Speakers

Getting your pricing right is a crucial step in growing your speaking business. So often, I see speakers charging prices way above their current station or drastically undervaluing themselves based on their expertise level.  With that in mind, I’ve collated three of the biggest pricing mistakes I see new (and established) speakers make over and […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Executing Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

  As many Charli Jane Members already know, I’m a huge advocate of direct mail campaigns for speakers looking to secure gigs. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my latest blog post on the subject of direct mail, which covers a number of tried and tested strategies for securing new speaking opportunities.  […]

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6 Organizations Offering Speaking Opportunities Today

If you’re new to speaking, one of the first things you need to take care of is sourcing new opportunities to speak. You can be the best public speaker in the world, but that won’t be much good for you if you never take to a stage!  While everyone immediately thinks of conferences (and right […]

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