3 Ways to Make Sure Your Images Get You Booked! (2)

6 Ways to Get Speaking Gigs Quickly

Find a good resource such as CharliJane.com where you have continuous, fresh access to lots of speaking leads. Sourcing leads can be tremendously time consuming, so be sure to tap into services that do the legwork for you. Once you identify leads that are potential gigs for you, submit to these leads at least twice […]

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Speaker Keynote talks

3 Ways Great Talk Titles Are All In The Crazy

I know you’ve scanned to this line even though you’re probably skeptical about my title and especially the word “crazy”. But if you don’t keep reading you, will absolutely miss out on some insider tips that will help you get booked more as a public speaker. Plus, there’s a bonus tip at the end that […]

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Teal and White Minimalist Photo Grid Recipe Pinterest Graphic

How to Be a $10K Speaker: It’s Not What You’re Thinking

I’m going to be blunt with you. Because I care about you, and I know you’re very likely stuck in a traditional speaking career business model that has you thinking you already know how to be a speaker who gets $10,000 per event. You’re working hard to build your platform, make those connections and work […]

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The Secret to a Perfect Speaker Video is Easier Than You Think

16 Ways to Make Sure Your Speaker Video is Epic

Having a Speaker Demo video is as important as having a Speaker OneSheet. Planners want to see you in action so they can connect. They want to see how you interact with the audience and how the audience reacts to you. It can lead to an immediate hiring decision for the planner. Today planners are looking […]

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