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5 Gig-Winning Reasons Why Joining an Online Speakers Group Should Be Your Next Move - Grow Your Speaking Business

5 Gig-Winning Reasons Why Joining an Online Speakers Group Should Be Your Next Move

5 Gig-Winning Reasons Why Joining an Online Speakers Group Should Be Your Next Move

You’re busy. I know that. I am, too, and that is why when I write to give you advice about what you should be doing right now to take your speaking career to the next level, I only give advice that I believe will have the biggest ROI for you.

Those of you who have been following me for years (thank you!) know that I have a clear and precise method that I guide you through to help you make the most of your opportunities. I don’t like chasing the latest fads and I certainly don’t like putting ideas out there that are huge time vacuums.

Why am I leading with this? It’s because what I am about to tell you can very easily become something that is a huge time-waster, but only if you’re not laser-focused and highly disciplined in your approach. Because you are who you are – pro-level public speakers who know how to get the most out the moment in-between gigs – I can confidently make the following suggestion …

Your next move for building your career should be to join an online speakers group on social media. Why? Because you will, with a relatively small investment of time, reap greater rewards than you would in most any other way you might choose to spend that time. Time is a commodity, which is why we say, “spend” when we talk about it in terms of our pursuits. We’re not passing the time, we’re spending it, and it is more precious than money.

So, let me tell you quickly the top 5 reasons you should be looking for a few online speakers groups to join right now.

  1. Accountability

The opportunities for speakers to gain momentum and keep it going are tremendous when you team up with at least one other person and you can form an accountability partnership. It’s the same idea as in exercising – if you have a workout buddy, you’ll get more workouts in. Same thing here. If you are sharing goals, to-dos and dreams with someone, you are more likely to keep making strides toward making them happen.

  1. Mind-Hiving

Having people in your field at your fingertips to bounce ideas, thoughts, and questions off of is priceless. Everyone is at a different phase of the journey, so when you can reach out to ask for ideas and help from those who are a bit ahead or give back by bringing others forward from what you’ve learned, things get better for everyone. The speaking industry itself improves. For everyone. Some people seem to get bogged down in being competitive and secretive, but this is a huge industry. You can be generous and successful at the same time.

  1. Networking and Lead Sourcing

Just as you are quite likely to get your next gig from someone at your current one, being in a group can help you make connections to speakers all over the country or the world. When you have these professional connections, you start to get those gigs based on peer word of mouth. They might be booked when approached by a planner, but the planner asks if they know anyone that might be available. Well, guess what? They do, because you’ve been group colleagues for a while now and they trust you with their hot lead. Again … priceless.

  1. Best Practice Mining

Having someone who is getting it done the right way to ask about best practices is a key way to make sure you build your platform and business the right way from the ground up. Mistakes and missteps can be quite costly, so being in a group where you can test the waters and ask for feedback can help cut back on lost time, and speaking fees, fixing mistakes.

  1. Being Uplifted/Uplifting

Most of you got into public speaking because you’ve got the heart of a giver. You have a message to deliver and people to help with it. Givers need to be given to as well, or they eventually just get all given out. In the right group, you can be encouraging and encouraged. Your bucket can get filled back up, so you don’t stay drained out all the time. You can be real and fed, so you can stay strong enough to tackle this challenging and difficult path you’ve chosen. Speaking of being real. Building your speaking platform and getting your speaking business to a place of self-sustaining success will take everything you can give it. You need people in your life who can give back to you when you need it, without judgment, with friendship and professional know-how to help you keep going when the going gets you down. Being that person for someone else will energize you and inspire you in ways you may not think possible. But it’s true. Giving empowers you to be your best self and isn’t that who you want to have show up when it’s your time in the spotlight?

5 Gig-Winning Reasons Why Joining an Online Speakers Group Should Be Your Next Move

There you have it. But let me give this final piece of advice: Don’t do this if you aren’t going to schedule your online time with purpose and passion.

You must be intentional and present.

The days of lurking and loitering online hoping you’ll stumble across a golden nugget while silently sitting in the wings are long gone.

You have to get in there and mix it up. Like. Comment. Offer advice yourself. Be encouraging and positive. Speak the truth with love. Present your best real self. Be bold and brave and see what can happen next after you make this move. I believe big things will come from a little online time well spent.

If you are ready to learn, share, network, mind-hive, and grow I invite you to join us in our Grow Your Speaking Biz Facebook group today. You will be glad you did.